Friday, March 23, 2012

Our Day at Grammies

Eloise is 14 months old today!

We had to have some work done in our attic,
so my father-in-law came over to hang out while the work crew was here.
Eloise and I went to their house to spend time with Grammie!

It was a nice change of pace!

Eloise raided a stash of stuffed animals...
(remember I have told you that Cory and I are crane game addicts?...
lets just say there is more left for her to get into at a future date! haha)

There was lots of coloring!


And after lunch we went for a walk.
There are no pictures of that because I was too pooped to grab the camera.
I really should exercise more!

Grammie and Eloise read...
and then it was time to come home!

We haven't seen my mother-in-law much lately
due to her crazy work schedule, so today was just what we all needed!

A great way to spend a Friday!

Have a great weekend!


  1. How nice indeed!! She is really getting to be a big girl!

  2. It looks like such a wonderful time! :) I love all the photos. I miss my littlest love! I love her leggings! :)

  3. Who enjoyed that more--Grammie or Eloise? I just visited with Noah via I-Pad but it would be much better in person. Eloise is a fortunate little girl to have the grandparents near by. I sure hope your father-in-law is doing good!


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