Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Slow and Steady

We are slowly, but surely, getting better in our house! There are the lingering coughs and runny noses... but not NEARLY the horribleness that we felt late last week and over the weekend!

Eloise has been happily playing to her hearts content!

She loves her blocks! We only pull them out now and then... and
put them away as soon as she is done. So they are definitely a treat for her!

We didn't go outside for quite awhile... even though the weather has been
super fantastic around here!

Eloise wanted to go out... but since we wouldn't let
her... she settled on looking out the windows at the chickens.

Or as she would say, "Chi! Chi!"

She's quite enamored by them! Especially when the neighbors
rooster trespasses.... I mean, comes over for a visit to the girls.
Thankfully with this nice weather, the chickens have
been FINALLY laying eggs!!

Eloise has been using a fork for awhile... that is, when we can
get her to eat! But lately she has been trying to use a spoon.
It's slow going as she can't seem to keep the food on the spoon
by the time it gets to her mouth, but hey, she's getting in some good practice.
If she is anything like her mama, she'll figure out how to shovel food into her mouth sooner rather than later! haha

I love this picture... I just had to post it.

Also... Eloise got this adorable shopping cart for Christmas.
She wasn't quite ready for it then, but she is enjoying it now!

I'm sure that shopping cart will entertain her for years to come!

Oh, if you look on my right sidebar...
you can see the blog I started for the shoes I sew.
It's nothing special, but I wanted a
separate place to post pictures and such.
I hope you'll check it out!


  1. Oh, I love all the photos! I am so glad you all are starting to feel better! Can't wait to give Eloise a big squeeze the next time I see her!

  2. I am sorry that you all have been sick. This weather! We have been so hot here and have not wanted to cut the air conditioning on yet. My eyes have been itching and running water from all the pollen and this is just the beginning. Eloise is so cute and always enjoy the pictures. I hope she will be out side playing soon.
    Love you!

  3. Yea the shopping cart is a favorite in our house for kids of all ages! That and we're big on books too! You're smart to pick them up, I like to leave ours our for easy access, but Gideon destroyed one of our favorite pop ups this week. Glad ya'll are on the up and up and feeling better! :)

  4. Wonderful to hear your all doing better. Praise be to God. My hens are laying many eggs. I hope to have them moved to a new location soon. I will be able to watch them from the window just like Eloise. How cute Chi Chi. Blessings!


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