Monday, August 30, 2010

We'll Scare the Hell Out of You!

That's the motto of a band that I am currently in the process of booking at a Christian teen center where Cory and I volunteer.

I must admit, I wasn't so sure about these guys... I mean... what do YOU think?

"grave robber"

Yes, that's really what they look like when they are on stage. I've even heard from someone who saw them live before, that they will get right up in your face. I think I'd pee my pants! LOL!!!

Despite their creepy outward appearance, I was kind of intrigued by their "story" (which can be found HERE). I think the kids that frequent the teen center will be interested in these guys... due to their appearance... and I think they need to hear the message these guys have to say as well. That's the most important part.

I've never known of a band that took on this "stage role" to get their point across. (Not sure the point Gwar was trying to make... haha!) We'll see how it goes!

I definitely am not a fan of the music... but I think I'd like to experience this show for myself! Perhaps I'll have some interesting stories to tell (or at least some kind of nightmare!)...


  1. OH! I thought that was Gwar at first! AHH! Scary! Do keep us posted!

  2. Oh my...I would have to say that they would scare me!

  3. I checked these guys out of YouTube and I must be getting old......I couldn't understand a word they were saying! LOL!

    I these guys are a christian band.....then they would definately scare me!


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