Tuesday, August 17, 2010


My birthday was a few weeks ago, as some of you may recall.
Also a few weeks ago... was a scare with my mom in the hospital.
It made for an unsettling birthday!

Slowly but surely, my mom has been getting back to her normal self and yesterday she finally gave me my birthday present(s), which she hadn't had the energy to wrap up until a couple of days ago!

Well, like the title of this post says:


Let me show you because I am so excited!

Decorative packaging tape & labels!

Stamps! and more labels!

And one of my favorites:
This little book has all sorts of funky stickers and labels.

You didn't think I was going to show them to you, did you?
I wouldn't want to spoil it, in case maybe you're one of the lucky recipients of
one of my lovely notes or letters!

I am going to have some fun times with these items!
Thanks mom and dad!!!!

As I was writing this post... I realized that I never took a pic of the
birthday presents my sister gave me.

Unfortunately, they are already put away... and no offense,
I don't really want to go dig them back out for a photo shoot!
But she got me some cool stuff too... a pretty brown sweater,
some measuring spoons in the shape of hearts, melting soaps,
and a sun/moon wind chime that is now hanging from
the roof of my front porch.
Thanks Katy (& family)!

Well, I'm off to the doctor today for my 16 wk appt. I have to
see the *guy* doctor... ((shudder))... but it should be fine.
I am just glad to be getting out of the house away from the
jack-hammering. It's been going on in the basement since
7:15AM. My head feels like it's going to explode!!

Happy Tuesday!!!


  1. I don't think I could be more jealous! So awesome!!

  2. Awesome gifts!! Did she buy them locally or online? I want some! :P Hope your appt is good.

  3. WOW, you did hit the jackpot. UGH, the dreaded "guy doc" appointment. I was lucky that when I had to make rounds through to the guy doc, it was in a week that he had no need to see any of my bits and pieces!

  4. yay, a very very awesome birthday hauk! You certainly did hit the jackpot!!!

  5. really nice presents you got there! So glad your Mom is doing better and glad that you are feeling good too!


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