Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Scratch, Scratch Here... A Scratch, Scratch There...

... No, I haven't got a case of poison ivy. Nor do I have any bug bites that I'm scratchin'.

The title of this post refers to the fact that, not one... but TWO of my vehicles got scratched yesterday......... and neither of them was my own doing!

Can we say... absolute frustration!???

First was my jetta. I drove out to my aunts house to pick up some fabric that I'm going to hem for her. I pull up and she is outside with one of her dogs on a leash and the other one running loose. Guess who got the brunt of the loose dog's excitement? MY CAR DOOR! Ugh!

Luckily it's not that bad... but it's the principle of it all. MY dog does not jump on cars. And if she just randomly happens to (which has yet to happen)... I would totally apologize. Offer to pay for damages... then apologize some more.

No apology from my aunt.


THEN... later on in the day, I was at my dad's garage. He's got my vw camper (which got a new paint job last year) sitting out front because he is going to be pulling it into the garage soon to do some engine work.

Well, some people recently moved into one of my parents apartments above the shop. This kid (13 yrs old) was hanging around waiting for his grandma to come home from something or other... and when she pulled in... guess where she pulled?

Right beside my camper.

The kid runs out and swings the back car door open.... Nope... didn't hit the camper... bet you thought I was going to say that, huh? LOL! I sit and watch from inside because I had a direct line of view. He starts pulling one of those trick bicycles out of the back seat. You know... the kind with the metal bars sticking out back by the wheels?

I bet you can see where this is headed.

I was breathing a sigh of relief as he got it safely out of the car... however, then he goes to pull it up on the sidewalk.. and BAM!!!!!!! Smacks one of those darn metal bars right onto the bumper of the camper. (The bumpers are painted white)

I, of course, jump up and say "HEY!!". I startled him, which probably wasn't a wise move since he was still near my vehicle. I tried to nicely scold him... by telling him to be more careful. And he acted like it was no biggie. (Grrr!) So then I told him that it was MY VEHICLE he just hit. His response. "Well, it has a flat tire"

Yes. Yes, it does have a flat tire at the moment... but that's BESIDES THE POINT!!!

I told him that I didn't really want to pay for a new paint job... and there were too many cars around, so he needed to really watch where he was going.

He mumbled a "Sorry." Then walked off.

He made quite the gouge in the bumper... but at least it was the bumper, right? And it didn't go all the way down to the metal, so it shouldn't rust.

But seriously. Two of my cars in one day... just really fries me! Blah!!

I just had to vent!!!


  1. I think you would be less frustrated if either of them showed a little more sympathy and were apologetic. At least your aunt - sometimes you can't expect much from other people's kids. lol My car is so full of scratches that at this point, I've given up caring. Most of them are from my husband, lmao.

  2. I think I'd be pretty annoyed too, more so at the lack of a genuine apology than the scratches themselves. Hopefully they will buff out and aren't too bad.

  3. i would be annoyed by their ambivalence too!!


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