Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bad Egg

Yesterday I decided to hard boil some eggs. Sometimes I get a hankering for egg salad sandwiches. And since we pretty much have an endless supply of eggs, I had plenty to hard boil!

Well, when the whole process was done... I decided to just peel them all and put them in a container. For some reason, they seem a bit easier to peel (to me) when they are just barely warm.

I grabbed an egg that had cracked in the boiling process and started to peel it.

Lookie at what I found...

I am baffled! The crack was on the OTHER side of the egg. I was shocked to peel back the "un-cracked" side and find this hole! It makes me think of a worm hole in an apple! YUCK!

Here is a closer look:

The only thing I can figure... is that perhaps an air bubble got in through the crack (it was cracked pretty good when I pulled it out of the water)... and caused this little blip!

All I know is that after the photo shoot... this bad boy went in the TRASH!!!

(I probably should've cut it open and dissected it before I threw it away... but oh well!)

Happy Wednesday!


  1. AHHH!! Thats so gross!! Okay, I'm embaressed to admit that I have no idea how to make egg salad for sandwiches but I have been craving it SO much too!! Could you share your recipe with me please?! I want it for lunch! Haha!

  2. Yeah, I think it would have found it's way into the trash at my house too :) I'm 100% all out of eggs. I SO need to go grocery shopping.

  3. you should save it for halloween and push it on the trick or treaters. what are you going to be for halloween. let me guess......pregnant. hee hee.


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