Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Little Man!

Today is my nephew's 7th birthday. It's so hard to believe that he is 7 already... time sure does fly!!

Since I made my weekly trip out to my hometown yesterday, I took his birthday presents with me and we sort of celebrated early with pizza (which I couldn't eat... dang heartburn!) and ice cream from a favorite local ice cream shop. MMmm!!

Yesterday was the one week mark of the death of our friend... so my dad was kind of having a rough morning... but his spirits picked up when the presents were being opened... and he made us all laugh with the "nerd glasses" I'd gotten for my nephew!

(Have you ever seen Dustin Hoffman in the movie Papillon? These glasses totally remind me of that!)

Everyone else took a turn with the glasses... but my mom and I were smart enough NOT to get our pictures taken! We all had some good laughs!

Here's the birthday boy!

Here's his brother--which I think is HILARIOUS!

(This makes me think of Froggy from the Little Rascals!)

Then my aunt... and my grandma!

It's amazing the giggles and laughs a toy from the dollar store can buy! And don't worry... they don't care that I'm posting these silly pictures... my aunt has already plastered pictures on her Facebook! LOL!

A week after my grandma's stroke, she is doing pretty well. A little slower than normal with her walking and some of the things she was talking about yesterday didn't make any sense...

Out of the blue at the ice cream shop:

"Who's Toby's sister?"
"Grandma, I don't know who Toby is....?"
A blank look. "Oh."

These types of conversations aren't 100% unusual since the alzheimers jumbles her mind... but it's sad to watch her decline. I am just glad that she pulled through last week though and we still have more time to spend with her on this earth!!

Oh yeah... one more thing before I go!
Yesterday, I was driving home... and I was 3 cars behind an accident!
Our line of cars was slowing down.. but I didn't know why. I looked up ahead as I slowed to a stop and realized a car was turning left across the road... and then I realized it was going TOO SLOW (literally like slow-motion) and there was a blazer in the other lane coming RIGHT at it! Luckily, there was a big gravel driveway off to my right... so I veered into the driveway as the impact occurred (I didn't want to be swept up in the mess in case cars and debris went flying)!
It seemed like everyone was OK... I had my window down and could hear what people were saying as they ran to the scene and were checking on the passengers.
What a mess! I'm so thankful that I was paying attention... and thankful that no one was seriously injured!
I must be a magnet for disaster!!


  1. The photos are hilarious! Your aunt's face is priceless. I'm so glad to know that everyone was okay from the accident and that your grandma is doing well. :)

  2. I love the pictures...X and Jax are standing here and loved them too!!! :)

  3. Oh my goodness, so many stories in this post! I'm SO glad you made everyone's day with those funny glasses! OMG...too funny! Happy your gramie is doing better although it must be so hard to not see her be herself. And thank the Lord you were not hurt in an accident!! Stay home for awhile lady! Haha!

  4. I love the glasses. Why are younger brothers always the funny ones? Thanks for visiting my caveman post!


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