Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It's Pretty Much a Given...

... Clowns are creepy.

Maybe it's because of those horror movies that depict murderous clowns... or the fun houses where you just can't get away from them no matter which way you turn. The creepy laugh doesn't help either. Oh, and lets not forgot Bozo. He's just... weird. (Ok, secretly I always wanted to be on that show. Come on! The games were SO easy... I totally would've won!!)

Anyway. Friday is my grandma's birthday. She will be 75 years old! That lady... she likes clowns. If you knew her, it wouldn't seem creepy... it'd just seem joyful! I remember going to her house when I was little and she always had this little beanbag clown doll made with denim that had weird soft hair (I think it was some kind of fur). It'd always be on the back of the couch and I used to love to rub the hair on my cheeks because it was so soft. Kinda gross, now that I think about it... but hey, I was a kid!

She also re-did her kitchen in a clown theme. Yep. Not only clowns... but BALLOONS! It was, how can I put it nicely?... TACKY. It looked like something more for a nursery than a kitchen, but she liked it and that's all that mattered, I guess! My sister and her husband bought the house a number of years ago after my grandparents moved out, and they have slowly but surely scraped and peeled that paper! Unfortunately, the cabinets and counters are RED and WHITE... but my sister has made due and decorated in a country/americana theme that works out pretty well. (If you've followed my sis's blog for any amount of time, you may have spied some pictures of it that she's posted in the past).

As the years have gone by, Alzheimer's has started to strip my grandma's memories from her slowly, yet steadily. She mostly remembers things from the past. So, to celebrate her birthday... I am bringing out the clowns!!

Since I can't be there on Friday, I made cupcakes to take to town with me and share with her tomorrow. Though she may not be as "into" the clowns as she used to be... I think she will get a little chuckle out of these cupcake decorations!

You have to admit... they are kind of cute! :) There is a cake supply store in my hometown that sells all sorts of little icing decorations like this. When I saw them, I just had to get them for my grandma. (Don't I wish I had the skill to make those!)

So tomorrow, when we celebrate grandma's birthday a couple of days early... I'll also celebrate the memories. Even if she doesn't remember. And I will enjoy the clowns... especially as they tumble into my tummy!


  1. That is so nice of you to do for your Grandmother!

  2. have a happy time with your Grandma, she sounds like lots of fun! And, the cupcake clowns do look cute not creepy!

  3. Aww..that is so sweet and they look really good!! I remember bozo the clown show..haha..yeah he was a little freaky but hey I loved the bucket game where you threw the balls in the buckets and won a prize for each one! Those were the days:)

  4. oh man I don't like clowns at all either, but I think I could pretend to love em for one of those cupcakes! Happy Birthday to your grandma :)

  5. The cupcakes turned out really cute Devon :) I will try to make it in...what time though? Honestly...things have been super busy...so I will have to see. Today is grocery day, as well. :)

  6. I really dislike clowns too for the most part, but those cupcakes...VERY cute. I hope she enjoys them :)


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