Thursday, July 30, 2009

Monday Was My Birthday...

Sunday our parents came over to our house for a birthday cook out. We had hamburgers with all of the fixin's. I was craving that for some reason... but boy did I eat too much! My eyes are bigger than my stomach!! Cory's mom made an oreo ice cream dessert... my mom made the cake... which meant, I ate even more! (OI!) It was a nice time though and I got a lot of sewing stuff! Yea!
Then on Monday... Cory took the day off to spend with me. He found a listing of different art studio/shops about an hour or so from here that we thought we'd check out. So we drove eastward and used the GPS to find these places. Unfortunately, of the 5 places we tried to go to... all of them were not clearly marked as part of the "tour" and we didn't want to go up to someone's house! That's what they were! People's houses... without signs or anything! So we kind of just nixed that idea and went to some different shops that I already knew about. We also went a little out of our way to visit my grandparents former cabin, which was sold not long after my grandpop passed away 7 years ago. I had been wanting to go back for a long time--but couldn't bring myself to do it. So we went and I sat on the swing set awhile. (There is a community pavilion and playground right near the house--but it's pretty much out in the middle of nowhere so it wasn't like there is an abundance of traffic through there). Here is a pic of the cabin--I didn't want to get too close and have the people freak out about a stranger snapping pics! (you can see the jungle gym from the playground) After stopping by the cabin... we went to a cool antique place and then drove out to a restaurant in a nearby town that my grammie used to take us to when we were growing up. (Guess I was a little nostalgic that day!) This place has a bunch of cool old carriages, sleighs and buggies on display! After a nice late lunch, we headed home to relax! It was a great day... especially getting to spend the day with Cory!!
Today, I am headed out to my dad's garage! Hope you have a good one!


  1. Sorry about some of the places not being marked. I totally understand how you felt about just walking up to them...LOL. It sounds like you had a pretty fun birthday though! I am sorry we couldn't be there to celebrate with you!

    Ah....grammie and grandpops home....seeing those pics about made me cry! :) Thanks for sharing them!

  2. Glad you had a great birthday:) Looked fun!!

  3. I got choked up looking at the pic with the side view of the cabin too. When I set my mind to it, I have a tough time thinking about "letting go"... Lots of great memories there, that's for sure!

    I'm so glad Cory could take off for your birthday and that you could share it together, even if the tour was lacking. There's still something special about meandering across the countryside...

  4. yes... i was crying the ENTIRE time we were at the cabin... so i don't blame you guys if it was making you teary eyed!


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