Sunday, July 5, 2009

Taa Daa!!!

So here it is... my latest creation... which actually wasn't as hard as I was expecting! It took me a little while because I was having issues with my sewing machine... but once I got that figured out--it came along pretty smoothly! I enjoyed it... and I used a pattern!!! (I always loathed using patterns, mostly because I never understood them and they seemed like a hassle. But now I'm all for them!)
Here are some shots compliments of my model... Cory... in his PJ's... LOL!
(I absolutely LOVE the flounce!)
Thanks to my mom for picking up the fabric. I think it's pretty cutie-patootie and I she did a pretty good job! By no means am I a master seamstress... or even a semi-good one. This was the first time I'd sewn really... all by myself. So... I hope to practice some more and maybe move on to some different things. I have some cousins and friends getting married in the next year--so maybe I'll keep practicing with the aprons and give them away as bridal shower gifts or something! :)
Hope everyone had a lovely 4th of July!!!


  1. It looks awesome Devon! I love it! You know I am one apron loving gal! :) Although Cory is a lovely model...why didn't YOU model them and have him take the pics?? LOL

  2. Hey Devon!! Cute're soooo creative! So....that little excerpt of my mine is on page 34 of the summer '09 issue 14 of Geez... There a huge photo covering pg. 34-35 of a guy in iceskates falling down the stairs! At the top of both pages, there is the title "Sermon" and my part is called "Gangly, Somber and Sickly". Hope this helps! It's just a short little blurb. I hope married life is grand!! You looked so beautiful on your big day!!


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