Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The New 'Do

So... I knew I've needed to get glasses for awhile... but I wanted to wait until after I got married since Cory's work carries vision on their insurance plan. Last week or so I went in for my appointment and sure enough... I am near-sighted. Yesterday I got the call to come pick up my glasses (getting contacts on Friday)... so Cory and I drove out. Let me tell you... I CAN SEEEEEEE!!! I actually started crying when we walked out of the place and I could SEE! Really SEE!! I am still getting used to it--with a headache here and there... but WOW! What a difference! Also... yesterday I got my hair cut! I usually go out to my aunt... and I was in town... but she was totally booked. I was really antsy to get it cut--so I called up a woman I know from church and she graciously squeezed me in. I got 6" cut off and boy does it make a difference! Here is a pic (horrible since I had to take it myself... but you get the idea of the glasses and hair)...

I went to the Craft store today and got some items to work on a new project... so I'm hoping to start that tomorrow!!


  1. The glasses look so cute! When I first scrolled down...without looking right "at" the pic...I thought it was me! LOL Isn't that weird?
    See what I mean about once you can "see" you aren't going to want to only use your glasses to drive! LOL You will love contacts too! :)

  2. Hey Devon.. I know the feeling of seeing... I had to get glasses last year b/c I couldn't see.. but when I put those glasses on for the first time.. I could actually see detail.. like instead of a blob of trees.. I could see the detail of leaves..its amazing... you look great in the glasses... contacts are even better...

  3. Hey Dev! They look great. How strange, though. It's going to take some getting used to although if you're wearing contacts I'll probably forget. Sorry guys... funny how you two both have glasses and yet your dad and I are just at the point of needing "readers". :-)

  4. Hi. I'm Toni an Aussie friend of Katy's.

    I think you're glasses are FAB! and you look great in them.


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