Monday, July 13, 2009

Would you like a spot of tea?

Today was my nieces 8th birthday... and my sister threw her a Tea Party with a few friends. I went to have my ultrasound--won't know results on the kidney stuff until the doctor calls--and then went to my mom's to help with some Tea Party Prep. Then I went out to my sisters to help with some more Tea Party Prep and eventually stayed out there all day to help out with everything while my mom took my nephews (to keep them out of our hair while we were having "girl time"). Earlier today I posted about making my niece a Tea Cup Cake... but that kind of fell through since I left the cake and icing at my mom's and didn't end up going back there since I was helping at the Party. So I left it up to my mom to decorate the cake and this is what she came up with. Not quite the "dainty" tea cup I had in mind... but it was still fun and cute! The handle was made out of a couple of daisy cookies... and there were some care bears thrown in there around the cup.

Here is a picture of one of the favors on the table. There was a real tea cup with blueberry tea, 2 rock sugar stirrers and a friendship bracelet (handmade by moi!)... tied up with tulle and decorated with a teapot cookie cutter and bright green ribbon. The girls were eager to open them... but we told them that they had to wait until they got home!They took their little place cards from tables and stuck them in the tulle to keep track of whose tea cup was whose!!

The girls thought that my sister's chickens were pretty neat... so they went out to feed them some scraps!

Here is Madelyn blowing out her candle.

After the tea party... we got things ready to go their families pavilion for the birthday dinner... and I got some pics from out there that I wanted to share!

Here is Madelyn and Cory tossing the football around--and Jax zoomin' in--so Cory faked him out with the ball.

And here is Mad when she was opening the gift from me and Cory (the skirts I'd made her).

And here she is opening a Webkinz from my parents.

Over all it was a really sweet party, the girls had fun... and it was just beautiful weather!! For more on the Tea Party... check out my sisters post HERE!


  1. Skirts are very cute, unique gift from the aunt :) Trishia

  2. Love the cake!!!! It's so cute!


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