Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Little Decorating Goes a Long Way...

In the midst of the usual mid-winter snow storms (that keep popping up one after the other), I often find myself feeling claustrophobic in my little house. The daylight is semi-starting to last a bit longer, but in a small house, in a living room with no windows (besides the little ones on the front door)... it is very easy to let the dismal weather wear you down!! I spend a lot of time reading, really. Which I thoroughly enjoy! Sometimes I find myself itching for that warm spring weather when I can have my door open and shed some light on the place. No worrying about bundling up, shoveling snow, how high the gas bill is going to be, or whether or not I'll make it home from work (which I almost didn't today). The weather today was odd. Snowy... then rainy. Then hail... then slush... then a major blast of snow with some major gusts of wind! My little office at work has a decent size window that I can look out at the "yard" (mainly the big slab of cement where all of the trucks pull in and forklifts drive around). I found myself getting antsy as I watched the changing weather throughout the day. Thinking of all of the things I could do in the WARM weather... the convenience of it... the flip flops... sliding into cool sheets at night... OK... anyway. I can't say I was really grumpy... but I have been having issues with my left arm/elbow/hand... so that's got me a little down... and also my "face" issues (see previous post)--which have gotten better on and off--hard to explain. LOL! Well, toward the end of the day when the snow was coming down in HUGE flakes... my co-worker popped his head in the door of my office and said "Looks like God's really decorating today!" Hmm. "Yeah, He is," I said. And I looked back out the window across the yard to the hill past the shop buildings... there I noticed the trees. They were covered so peacefully in white. The whole little forest of them... decorated... like a scene in a winter wonderland. It made me smile. I decided tonight... I would be productive! I came home and exercised on my recumbent bike. I did a couple of 45 min work outs and realized that I rode that thing for 20 miles tonight! I may have out done myself - I'm sure I'll be feeling it tomorrow! But I am glad my co-worker reminded me that winter isn't such a bad time. You have to appreciate the beauty in it... and then you gotta DO something and not just wallow in pity! Of course, tomorrow as I'm shoveling my car out of all of the snow at 5AM, I may not see the beauty--but hey, at that time, it will be dark out still... so maybe there will be hope yet for later on in the day! ;)

All in all... God knows what he's doing. One snowflake at a time!

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  1. You know what that living room needs dev? A faux fireplace. Wouldn't that make it feel warm and cozy and give it a glow? I know you won't be living there tooo much longer...but I was just thinking :).


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