Sunday, January 18, 2009

Snow Day!

This morning... we all seem to be snowed in. At least on this side of town. I don't trust the bad roads as far as making it to church this morning... and the snow is STILL falling! I bet we got a good 4-6 inches on top of 8 or so already.

I decided to go out and do some shoveling--so I grabbed the camera and called the dog... and I must say it was pretty fun watching Boo run around and play in the snow. A couple of days ago it was below zero wind chills. I had let her out to do her "business" and after maybe 3 minutes... she wouldn't come when I called. I realized that she was out in the middle of the yard and wouldn't move. Her paws were too cold. So I threw on my boots and ran out to get her. She let me carry her in (and she is not a small dog!). She didn't even put up a fight! Poor girl! But today was better. Not as cold. So we played... and she played... and I shoveled!!

I hope you're all staying inside... dry and warm!! Boo and I are both tuckered out! At least for a little bit!!


  1. oh my goodness....hehe..that is tooo funny! She made you carry her??? LOL!!! Your animals are totally spoiled by you ;)!!!

    I love that last pic of Boo!!! Too sweet! You should get that one printed and frame it!!! :)

  2. hah - i'm from atlanta and i just drove through pittsburg, up to akron, then over through toledo to michigan. atlanta never sees snow - but it was nothing but snow starting in wv, pa, oh, mi, in, and ky - it didn't melt until tn! i don't know how you deal with that much snow for that long. 2 days was enough for me!

    such a pretty dog. i have a lab/chow mutt that looks very similar. however, the worst snow ga got 3 years ago looked like this.


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