Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Little Helpers...

This morning, yes... Sunday, I was supposed to go in to work at 5:30AM. We were supposed to have a huge line up of stuff to have to package and get ready for a HUGE shipment tomorrow. Well, I was there around 5:45--but whatever... and let me tell you. There was NOT a lot of anything. AT ALL. I literally was there for 25 mins and finally told the other two guys I was leaving. I technically wasn't REQUIRED to be there anyway. I volunteered to go in. But we were given the impression that the warehouse was going to be jam-packed with items and that it was going to be a crazy time getting everything done. Well.. not the case... and I wasn't feeling well. So I just decided to come on home. Of course, I got stuck behind someone going 35 mph in a 55 zone... which did not help my already tired and half-sick feeling mood. But I am here now and instead of going back to bed, I got online since I haven't had a whole lot of time to do that lately.
Yesterday was a concert at the teen center. We had 4 bands... but then one band cancelled. Then on Friday another band called and asked to be put on the bill... so we added them. Then one of the bands broke down in some other state on their way to PA... SO... we ended up with 3 bands after all. My niece was staying with my mom for the day, so I asked if she wanted to come over to help me make some dessert for the bands. (We feed them dinner before the place opens). So, she came over and helped me make some cake cookies (YUM)... and some Dream Whip Salad (SOOO GOOD!) Here are some pics of my helper. We were still in our jammies, just bumming around! :) My niece has the most wild imagination for a 7 yr old! She chit chatted about all sorts of things all morning! It made me think back to when I was a kid and things I can remember imagining and thinking about (yes, I can still remember some of that!)... and it seemed so normal at the time. It's good to have an imagination! Shows that creativity streak! (And its better than a kid sitting in front of a TV frying their brain for hours!)
Anyway... a little later on Cory came out and decided to do some chipping at the major ice build up on my roof. Apparently where my dryer vent is on the back of my house... creates a lot of ice with the warming and cooling of the snow on that part of the roof. Here is Cory with my "cool" safety glasses from work (we have them labeled at work because the normal kind are really geeky! LOL) Luckily I had brought my "cool" glasses home from work! Cory claims they saved his eyes from being gouged out by ice chunks on numerous occasions!! I think today, Cory's next task in changing the furnace filter! I'm glad he thinks of these things... because I never give them a thought!!
I hope you will all be cheering on the Pittsburgh Steelers as they win tonight!!! :) Unfortunately, Cory will be going to a friends over near his place, and I'll just buzz over to my parents. Neither of us want to drive 40 mins home after the game... or leave at half time... so its easier for us to each be in our own neck of the woods! Cory isn't rooting for the Steelers anyway... so he can stay in his own county till its over! HAHA!


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  1. I am sorry about work...that really stinks that you went in that early and there wasn't much to do!!! :(

    I love those pics of Madelyn! She truly DOES have a wonderful imagination! :) I am glad she was a good helper for you!


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