Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Good Reads

So, I added this Library Thing to the sidebar of my blog. It has some really interesting books that I would recommend if you are interested in healthy eating, whole foods, organics, etc. I am reading "Eat Fat, Lose Fat" right now... and it REALLY makes me think about what I'm putting in my mouth! Kind of like those ice cream commercials where the little girl is reading the nutrition labels. The one that has all of the weird, hard-to-pronounce words... yeah. I definitely don't think its an easy thing to give up certain foods... but a lot of what the book says makes sense and I would like to try to follow certain guidelines from it for myself. By no means do I condemn anyone else for what they are eating and I am not sure if I can continually NOT eat things like pizza and cookies and cereal and crackers, etc. But I'm going to try... and I'll report back in my progress. If anyone out there has read any of the books on my library list--or are living in the "Eat Fat, Lose Fat" Mode--I would love to hear how it's going for you!! Is it really that hard?

Also... on my way to my car today (trying to leave work)... I fell. Yep. My feet went right under me. Almost like a baseball player would slide onto a base. My leg just slid right under and I went down... HARD! So, I suspect I will have a rather large bruise from that. It still throbs after an hour. Remember... even though there is snow... there may be ice under that snow! So tread lightly!!!


  1. Sweetie HI i left you a comment under your status update on facebook a few days ago and wonder how you are doing...i was hoping you'd email me but i've not heard from you..is everything ok??
    i really miss your emails and updates..you are so cool =))
    AND isn't this strange sign to me this last post of yours?
    My father once talked to me about organic whole foods, and i didn't listen to him about living that way, and now you talk of the same thing.WOW
    maybe it's a sign from God!!

    so what will your new diet be like?
    do you have to stay away from meats too? dairy products?

    Or just stay away from processed foods like pizza, bread, cookies, and eat brown rice, whole wheat pasta, good grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts etc??

    I am just curious about your new plan...i wonder if it's the same that my dad told me about!!

    please email me and also tell me how you are doing otherwise!

    I am so sorry you fell, i hope you feel better now sweetie!
    ahh that's rough..i fall often too! LOL i'm a big klutz!!

    WELL I better go hun!

    talk to you later i hope!

    Blessings & HUGS to you!

    And i'm so excited about your wedding in May, i read that under Jenn's blog latest post's comment!

    you gave her great advice on different food stations! How cool =))

    well take care!

    Miss you!

    Blessings & HUGS!

    To God be all glory!

    In Him, Jane.


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