Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Semi-Lazy Saturday

I have been battling a horrible FACE-ACHE the past week. Yes, you read right. My Face Aches! I can't really explain it other than my face muscles feel totally tense. My eyes hurt. I am constantly blinking and consciously trying NOT to make weird faces and such. It is VERY odd. At first I was thinking maybe my eyes are bad (I have noticed that I can't see far away--like the screen at the front of church, etc). But then, my mom said that maybe it was sinus pressure. I have NO idea. But I do know that it has literally been DAYS... and if it doesn't ease up soon... I might go crazy. Maybe it is from Stress? Work has upped in stress the past week. *sigh*

Today, Cory and I went to some different stores to do our Wedding Registry. It went pretty well. We only went to a couple of places because there isn't a huge shopping metropolis nearby. The only places really to register are JC Penney and Walmart. Which, whatever! I don't mind either way. I don't have to have super fancy items! I am also in the process of registering online at some places. That pretty much took up my afternoon. Cory had to head back to the new house to fix a fallen gutter. It apparently froze and broke and pulled off some of the siding... and broke a board on the porch as well. I am SO glad I don't have to deal with that. His having to leave kind of rushed things... but we had a good time anyway... and afterward I stopped at Bon Ton and looked around. I didn't see much that I wanted--so I didn't bother to register. I also stopped at Old Navy. They were having SUPER deals. Clearance items that were then half-off of that!! I got a shirt for my neice... .98 cents! I got a shirt for my dad that he can wear this spring... $1.98. (Among other things). Nothing that I bought was over $3!! So... I was pretty happy about that!! I came home and threw some laundry in the washer... but I also gave Boo a huge bone that Cory got for her. She will be SO sick tonight. But she's happy. I will take it away soon so she doesn't get TOO sick.
Also, my sister made me this little cozy for my MP3 player! It is so cute and it is nice to have something to keep the player from getting all scratched up! Thanks Katy!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday!! I pretty much plan on being lazy the rest of the night. Maybe watching some online TV or reading (as long as my aching head can take it).

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  1. I am so sorry your face has been hurting you! How strange! I hope it feels better soon! :)

    Boo looks sooo cute chewing on that bone of hers! Doggie heaven!!

    YAY!!! I am soo excited that your lil mp3 player fits in there!! It looks like it fits perfectly..?? Does it? If you wash that cell phone pouch, it will tighten up and hold your phone better too! :)

    Off to bed I go!!! :) night!


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