Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I've been busy... and a funny.

I have been really busy.

Cory hit a deer on Friday... and I just haven't really had the time or oomph to sit down and post about it! And that's a BIG deal!! (sorry Cor) He was on his way home from volunteering a The Teen Center with me... and he hit a deer. Luckily he sped up--which made the deer go flying up and over the car. Damage was severe--but since he punched the gas, there wasn't time for the deer to go flying through the windshield. Although, not far from his house... on the same night... after the shock of hitting the deer and just wanting to make it the rest of the way home in one piece... an ELK stepped out onto the road in front of him. Luckily he missed a would-be horrible collision at that point..... but all in all... I am just so glad he is OK. His car will be OK as well once it's out of the shop!

Work has been exhausting. For as slow as the economy is... and as many people as my work has laid off--it sure doesn't seem to be slowing down for me! At least not over the last week and a half. I guess that's a good thing though!

We have gotten pounded with snow. I am so sick of it. BLAH!!!

I just ordered a book from this lovely lady. You should check her out. I read her blog all of the time--she's a hoot.

I also just realized that one of my favorite singers (Josh Garrels) has released a cd. I have been out of the loop on music lately. I'm thinking about getting his new release one of these days! We'll see what I've got after paying some bills!!

OH MY GOODNESS--I just remembered that I had to share a story about how embarrassing my mom is! We went out and picked up my sister's kids to take them to KIDS NIGHT at our local pizza hut. It's a pretty good deal... you buy one buffet and the kids eat free. After they pick at their food... they go hound some teenage girl at the Craft Table--where they squeeze endless amounts of glue onto that weird foamy paper stuff.. and crawl all over her and each other trying to get to the endless supply of pipe cleaners and feathers. (You should see some of the creations we've brought home! LOL!) Anyway. Tonight. We walk in and wait to be seated--and my mom just happened to notice this woman and her daughter at the counter. I take the kids over to the table and help them take off their coats while my mom is chit chatting with this woman (my mom was her youth leader YEARS ago--considering the lady has a teenage daughter!). Anyway... no big deal, ya know. Getting the coats hung over the chairs, etc... and then CRASH!!!!!!!! The woman (who my mom was talking to) had her purse up on the counter and when she went to pull it up on her shoulder it got caught!! This WHOLE BOWL of cinnamints (courtesy of Pizza Hut) went flying to the floor. The WHOLE stinking place went quiet. Silence. My mother took advantage of that pin-dropping silence to say QUITE LOUDLY (and its not a very big restaurant, mind you)... "SHE DID IT! IT WAS HER!" and literally pointed to this poor woman and her daughter who were on the floor trying to gather up all of these spilled mints! Not only did I feel bad for the mint-lady... I also was embarrassed for me and the kids! We were obviously with the loud mouth lady at the front of the place. Oh my gosh. I must admit.. it was funny. And the woman and her daughter just kind of laughed--although their faces were red. My mom joked around with them as they stood back up with the now-tainted bowl of mints... and all was well. But it definitely started out the evening on a rather interesting note!! My mom is always full of surprises!!!!

Well--I am off to bed. Cheers!

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