Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yet Again... (and a give away!)

I am posting again today...

Just wanted to apologize for my previous post. Although I do mean what I said... I was rampaging a little as I wrote... and it may have come across harsher than what I really meant it to!! I am just sick and tired of crap -- and yes, I have been stressed lately. Instead of letting things just roll off my back, I have been stewing. I am calming down and praying for peace and patience!!! God will work out what needs worked out - I'm not going to make it any better by putting my two cents in when I'm all worked up!!

Anyway... to make myself feel better... I wanted to do something nice for someone else!! So I am having a little fall give away!! All you have to do to be entered is to comment and tell me something that you are thankful for! You will have until Sunday, November 9th to submit your entry... and I will post the winner on Monday! I'll use one of those random number generator websites to choose... so you don't get extra entries for posting about the give away on your blog -- but you are more than welcome to do so!! (I just don't have time to keep track of things!)

So... what am I giving away??

I'm glad you asked!

Here we have a handmade pair of wool sweater mittens! They are in this funky burnt orange color - with multi-colored yarn for the stitching! I made them myself and would love for you to have them and enjoy as the seasons change!! They will fit a women's medium-large.

Let me start by posting what I am thankful for. Of course, there are many things... but since Sunday is my mom's birthday... I would like to tell you that I am thankful for my mom and all she does for me and the rest of the family. I have been blessed with an amazing family... and mom is kind of the one who holds it all together, it seems! (Besides God, of course!). I am so glad that we will be able to celebrate her birthday with her and shower her with love!!



  1. I am thankful for the life I am living. Its a blessing to wake up each day and take care of the animals and farm chores. I am very blessed.

  2. Hi, I found you through your sister's site. Sunday is also my dad's 81st birthday, so I am very thankful God has allowed him to still be with me. He is the glue in our family.

  3. I really liked your comments on Katy's blog about the election.

    I am thankful for a gracious God who forgives. I am thankful that He doesn't keep score, He just loves us. I am thankful for the blessing of my husband and daughter. I am thankful for hope.

    A little random, but all true!

  4. Hey there! Wow, I totally understand your views; it seems we are both on the same side and a lot of people are wanting to rudely oppose our views!

    I'm sorry you had that stomach bug, it sounded painful! We had a throat/congestion virus that went around my entire family and we finally caught it. I hope it's on its way out of our lives soon!

    I know what you mean about your grandma. I feel the same way about mine, and we're not sure if she has Alzheimer's yet or not. I WANT to spend time with her, but it's just so stressful with everything else I'm attempting to do. She wants me to see her once a week, but she likes visits to last 3-5 hours. I don't have 3-5 hours to spare once a week, not even once a month usually! Sigh...

    Awesome giveaway by the way! Right now I am thankful for the Lord. He is keeping my daughter occupied with her toys just long enough so I can cruise my favorite blogs. She usually doesn't play by herself for long, she likes us to play with her (which we almost always do,) but I think God knew I needed some "me" time, so He has kept her happily occupied with a puzzle and our old keyboard on the floor!

  5. I love mittens!!!!!!! I'm a big mitten wearer! :) I also love your blog! Plus, I'm one of your myspace friends, so you gotta pick me! Just kidding!

    Jessica T

  6. Hi, can I join the contest? he-he-he. i just fell in love with the sweater smitten that you did. :)

  7. cutie cute mittens! I am thankful for so much.. Where to start? I am thankful that my daughter was born during such a stable time in my life. Everyone is healthy, I have a hubby who is hard-working, and I've gotten to stay home with her for a year so far.

  8. I'm thankful that i live in a free country!! great giveaway!!

  9. Hey Dev =))

    i'm so so sorry i didn't respond to your email i've been so busy but i still like you =)) you know that!! sorry again!

    hey i forgot to say i lost .5 pound this week...i've been eating thank God for the loss, my total net loss from 3 weeks' on being on w.w. is 6 pounds! yay!
    how is w.w. going for you?
    I miss your emails and sorry i've not emailed!

    YES i also want to be entered into your contest your mittens are lovely and if i win they'll keep me what am i thankful for??

    I'm thankful for a God that died for us on that cross.I'm thankful that he loves us just as we are, i'm so thankful for our God, and for my job that i've had for almost 4 years now, I'm also thankful for my great family support and friends..and i'm thankful that i'm getting a new apartment soon, i already paid the deposit it should be available on Nov 15 yay!!
    And i'm greatful for God helping me to eat healtheir and more mindfully the last few weeks and i'm thankful for HIS strength..yesturday i was at Starbucks and was tempted by everything there..but all i got was a Tall Skinny Latte (2 points) and starbucks oatmeal with a few nuts mixed in that was (3.5 points) so i did very well there thanks to me doing w.w. but i'm greatful to God for a lot of things including my family and friends =))

    well please enter me in this and if you need to contact me about the win, you can do it either via facebook, yahoo mail you already have it or my blog again it's

    take care!
    sorry for such a long comment!

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    P.S. what do you think of Obama winning? i'm kinda upset but found peace from God over it..whatcha think??

    Blessings & HUGS!

    To God be all glory!

    In Him, Jane.

  10. Congratulations on loosing weight, always a great feeling! Well, I thought I'd enter your giveaway too. The first thing I'm thankful for is that Sean is back home! YAY! I'm also one of those people that's thankful for lots of little things each day. Today it's the beauty of fall and walking to the edge of our street and looking down at the valley as the sun hits the tree colors and sparkles. Anyway, have a great day!

  11. I hope you're out of your funk, and thanks for a giveaway too! Very nice! Suzie Button

  12. Oh, I forgot to say what I'm thankful for! It's so much, my children, my health, my home and friends! Suzie


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