Friday, November 14, 2008


I have been absolutely busy this week!!! I had meetings on Monday and Tuesday... then Wednesday I took my grandma (with Alzheimers) out to dinner... and last night was the only time I've gotten to see Cory all week (and I won't get to see him all weekend because he is going to MD). Not to mention, trying to keep up with housework. And I have a lady who wants me to make her a pair of mittens... so I've had to get all of that together so she can choose her color/pattern. It has just been hectic! But it's Friday and hopefully I will be able to relax a little this weekend. (Probably not... but I'm hoping!!!)

Last night, in the horrible lighting of my living room (when the main light isn't on)... Cory was taking pics of the animals... they look a little creepy. LOL! But we love them!

Well, I have to hurry to get ready for work... so I'm off! Have a nice day!!

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