Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Here is what I have to say...


I have recently encountered a number of people who care to bash my opinions on politics. (Not in the blogging world - but in other networking sectors). I will openly admit that I did not vote for Obama. There are plenty of reasons why... and it didn't all have to do with guns and abortion. I do not think that all people who DID vote for Obama are unintelligent, nor did I ever say that. I believe that they obviously share a different train of thought and values - some that I do not believe coincide with Christian faith... but that's why we have Freedom of Religion, right? And quite frankly, we also have Freedom of Speech. So if I care to make statements about what I believe in or stand for... I don't expect to get raked over the coals. We are all entitled to our own opinions. You can make your statements, I can make mine. If I say something that you don't like or agree with... look at the facts... or just plain... Get Over It.

On a lighter note, I just posted a piece of my mom's pottery that totally rocks. Check out my Etsy Shop... (use the sidebar tool)... and let me know what you think of her casserole dish!

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