Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I must like embarrassing myself...

So, tonight I was thinking about finding my cd of my all-time favorite band. You've probably never heard of them... and unfortunately... they are no longer together. Anyway... I thought I'd try to see if they were on YouTube at all so that I could maybe share them with you. *laughing* I couldn't find a video of them (DARN!) but I did... LOL... find a cheesie video of their lead singer, who went out on his own. Oh.my.gosh. If you listen to it... I hope you get a few chuckles... because I am telling you right now that I had a crush on this guy all through highschool. From the time I met him - when I was like 14 or 15... until I was probably 22! LOL!! His band(Madison Greene)'s music was not like this solo song of his (at all). So, yes, the video is cheesie... but check out the hair! That was only about half of how long it was the last time I saw him... and it was allll dreads. I am such a nerd. It's funny how we have oogley eyes over people growing up. Fortunately I don't have pics online of other crushes I've had. LOL!! But I just had to share this. I'm a geek... and I admit it. Thank goodness I found Cory who shaves his head. I am so totally picky about my pillow cases... I change them all of the time. I can't imagine marrying someone with dreads and sharing a bed. LOL!!! No offense to anyone with dreads--because I still like the way they look... I just have this thing about having clean sheets--especially pillow cases! So... yes. I am weird... and I wish I could find a Madison Greene video. But this will have to do.

Ladies and gentleman... without further ado... Michael Blair:

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  1. hehehehe. too funny! I hate the dreds...ICK....But...i have to say that he does have the BEST dimples! :)


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