Saturday, November 15, 2008


I was tagged by my sis at The Country Blossom to list 15 things I am not afraid to admit! Let's see what I can come up with... (in no particular order).

1. I haven't had a soda in 9 yrs. (except for some sips of ginger ale one time when I was totally sick and puking). Not so bad to admit, right? Well... the REASON I stopped drinking it - was not because I as trying to be healthy. It was because I had met this guy (who ended up being my boyfriend for awhile) and when we first met, he said that HE didn't drink soda. So, I was of course, embarrassed that I did and decided that I needed to impress him by giving it up. Wouldn't you know--I don't even EVER crave it and would rather drink water now anyway! And he also drank soda all of the time anyway... so I guess I should thank him anyway for making me feel stupid enough to give it up! I am SO glad I have!!

2. I can't stand it when people smack their lips, chew with their mouths open, or make slurping noises when they eat/chew gum. It seriously makes me CRAZY. And I often threaten them if they don't knock it off. (Thanks mom!)

3. I once was backing out of a parking space in town (they are the kind that you pull in btwn the white lines at a slant)... anyway the guy in a truck next to me decided to back out too. I had already backed part of the way out and stopped to see if anything was coming and back the rest of the way. Well... the other guy decided to take advantage of the moment and started to back out also--and I didn't realize since I was looking behind me. So I kept backing out and we crunched each other a little bit as I was turning my wheel. Of course part of my headlight smashed... and his truck was totally fine. He made hand gestures at ME, like it was my fault! I was backing out first... he should've waited on me!! He just drove away. Is that a hit and run?

4. Ok--so my sis might be embarrassed for me telling this.. HEHE.. but one time when we were younger... like on the brink of puberty (what a gross word). I would say that she was maybe 11 or 12... and I was two yrs younger. Anyway... we got into the car with my mom one time to go somewhere and my mom started complaining because someone smelled... like B.O.!!! LOL!!! She made us go back into the house and use wash cloths to wash our armpits! LOL!!!! We still don't know who it was with the "odor"---but to this day... we go through A LOT of deoderant. A LOT. (Thanks mom!)

5. EEK! Ok--so 2 or 3 yrs ago... I was once writing an email to send to a coworker (the boss's son--LOL!)... venting about my supervisor. She was notorious for saying one thing and doing another... twisting words around... and just not being very nice. SO... I wrote the email... it actually wasn't too mean. It was just sending a blurb of what she had written me and I had basically written "see, she totally didn't.. blahblah.. whatever" (I can't remember the details). Well.. I hit SEND... and just as I hit it... I realized... I sent it to MY SUPERVISOR! (Must've been thinking of her and typed in the wrong addy!). I panicked. I ran downstairs and politely asked her to delete it. I didn't know what else to do. She didn't, of course.. and read it. She said it was "fine"... and then went up later to talk to the boss's son about it... and how they should handle it. Thank goodness he stuck up for me!!! My supervisor and I didn't talk much after that--and she ended up leaving for another job not long after. I guess I was the jerk. I learned my lesson!! (I also learned there was an email re-call button I could've used so that she couldn't open the email---of course, I didn't know that till later.)

6. In the third grade, we were at some family friends house for homemade ice cream! They had two boys who were a lil older than us girls... and LOL... we would always fight over the nintendo--and I would always win cuz I was littler! Anyway, in their basement, they had some skate ramps. I got the bright idea to go up to the top, sit on the board and roll down backward. Welllll... I sat... I also rolled... and the board also slid out from under me and up under my chin... where I proceeded to get a huge cut (stiches!) and broke my ADULT front tooth. Yes... I pretty much have a fake tooth now. Can you tell?? At least it's held out for 17 yrs!

7. Growing up, my sis and I used to go to the neighbors ALL of the time. We would watch movies, hang out and play games, etc. Well, one day we decided to open this jar of pennies. Not sure why. Eventually it turned into a penny toss. Then an all out penny war!!! We took pillows and couch cushions and made forts. Now, this was technically NOT my fault...... but someone whaled a penny and hit me in the back. So without looking... I came up from behind the fort and whaled a penny back. We heard a "ching!". Guess what it was? Oh my gosh. It was my SISTER'S FRONT TOOTH! It had hit her tooth and broken it!!!! How horrible! So... she also has part of a fake front tooth. It really was unintentional... I didn't even watch where I was throwing. Sorry Kate!

8. When I was 3... I ran up to the TV to kiss the Fall Guy, Lee Majors. Apparently I had some kind of crush on him.

9. Also.. when I was a toddler... I had really really short hair. It just hadn't grown out yet. My sister was so NICE to me... and would tease me that I was a BOY because I had "boy hair". I was little, I didn't KNOW! I believed her until my mom saw me crying and had to explain that I definitely wasn't a little boy.

10. Once, in elementary school (like 1st or 2nd grade)... I stole some paper. Me and this other kid would be part of a group who had to wait a little later for the bus. For whatever reason, the teacher would let us "straighten up" some of the shelves which held the paper items for the classroom. I guess she thought maybe it gave us some responsibility? I don't know... but he started putting paper in his bookbag. I was a little freaked out... but he said he had done it before and no one ever noticed. I didn't like the idea... but he told me to take some too. He stuffed a REAM of paper in my bag. A REAM! It wasn't regular paper... it was smaller... but still. Being the genius I am... I took it home with me.. and stuffed it in this little play cupboard we had. Eventually I got found out (I think Katy found it when she was cleaning one time).... and I got scolded and had to return it. Luckily, I don't think my mom told my teacher. (Thanks mom!) Stupid peer pressure in elementary school!!!! Sadly, the same kid who coaxed me to steal got messed up in some occult stuff and ended up committing suicide in highschool.

11. When I was in junior high, I was a cheerleader. We had to cheer at the basketball games for the 8th and 9th graders. During timeouts we would go out on the floor and do a cheer, sometimes with stunts. Well, one time, our cheer ran over and I remember getting panicked because the players were waiting for us to get off the floor. I was on the bottom of a stunt, holding a girl on my hands (with a girl on the other side). When the cheer was over and we had to throw and catch the girl to get her down... I threw... and walked away. I left the other girl to catch!! Luckily she caught all of her and didn't let her drop to the floor!!!! I was so mortified! It could've been quite the catastrophy! Yikes.

12. I can recite the address for the show Unsolved Mysteries on command.

13. A couple of years ago, Cory and I took Boo to Walk America (for the March of Dimes). You get a group together to raise money and then you walk a course around town. Well, my work was having a group walk... so we brought Boo (who was like 1 at the time)... and she was NOT good. There were too many people, etc and she was just all excited. So excited that she took a pooh in the middle of an intersection that we were walking through. Luckily Cory had brought plastic bags to clean it up. Oh my goodness. Then, he walked with it for quite awhile till we passed a small convenience store... and he actually threw it in their dumpster! LOL!

14. My first kiss was at a rollerskating rink... yes, while on rollerskates in the middle of the rink... skating to "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion. Needless to say it was not a very good first kiss. And... everyone was watching.

15. Ok.. so this is really embarrassing... but I'm going to tell it anyway. Not long after Cory and I started dating... you know.. when you are still in the "girls don't poop, burp, fart, etc" phase.... we were watching a movie at his house. We both started to doze and all of a sudden... I ripped a big one! IN MY SLEEP! IT WOKE US UP!!!! I was all groggy... and was like "Did I just FART? Was that me?" (I should've just pretended it was nothing.. lol--but NO, I had to say something). We were both mortified.. although I tried to act like it was no big deal. Oh my gosh. At least it broke the ice!! HAHAAHAHAHA!

Ok--hope I made you chuckle and learn a little about me! Now, on to my tagging...
I would like to tag Melanie, Julie, Jane, Stephanie, and Jennifer!
No pressure on any of these girls... just thought it might be fun!!!


  1. Dev Thank you so much for tagging me =))
    I loved reading all the things you can admit without embarassment it made me smile and laugh and i liked getting to know you better =) what a lovely idea!!
    Now about me...i may do this, it may be hard to come up with all 15 things but i'll try..not today because i'm crazy busy but i'll try soon so keep a watch out! =))

    so how is w.w. going?
    I'm good..i did indulge a little yesturday!! lol
    i had ice cream, but only 1 serving..1/2 cup and some hot chocolate i still didn't gain this morning thank God! because i fit it with my target and had 1 flex =))

    so how is everything??
    i miss ya!

    Well talk soon!

    P.S. check the guestbook i put a comment there =))

    Blessings to you always hun!

    I gotta get ready for work!

    Blessings & HUGS!

    To God be all glory!

    In Him, Jane.

  2. Hey,
    I loved reading your post..great things you came up post i came up with isn't that I had fun doing it:) God bless

  3. ROFL!!! Too funny...although...geez..the BO one?? LOL You could have just left me outta that one! *blush*

  4. Hi Devon,
    Thanks for the giggles!--JUST SO YOU KNOW... (I'm hiding my paper.) LOL
    I don't know why it didn't actually CLICK* that you and Katy are sisters? egads...I can't get over ya both had your front tooths broken..!
    I laughed so hard at throwing the girl and walking away! LOL ;-}
    And the dude who drove away..Grrrr! Men drivers*...
    And if everybody has an email recall button DO TELL!
    Your last one was a riot! I bet every woman who reads that one can relate in some way; even if they deny it. LOL
    I'm chompin my gum.. is it drivin you crazy yet? LOL
    I'll be sure to tune back in...
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Okay, LOL, so you beat me...with my no pizza until 7th grade and no MacDonald's until high school.....I do have to say, you and your sister seem to have a thing about teeth! LOL
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. HI, nice blog. I happened upon it and find it very interesting.

  7. Those were funny! Your #2 is something that totally makes me crazy...and I also think the word "puberty" (along with many other words) is gross, too!


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