Friday, August 29, 2008


Cory and I went to look at that house again with our parents. It needed WAY too much work. It was definitely a great old house... but it would be better with people who have lots of money to take care of it! We've found a couple of others we'd like to look at... so we'll see! It will happen, eventually.

I am not feeling too well today... its break time at work... and I HAVE to put in 8 hours to get my holiday pay on Monday... but it is really hard to be here. I think I caught a little bit of a bug or something!

Oh, last night, I made my first batch of zucchini bread from a zucchini Cory and I planted. It turned out really really good!! YUM! I will post the recipe later!

Its back to work...

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  1. I'm sorry you aren't going to buy the house-- I know you really liked it. But, as someone who just completed a ton of projects on our current house and is looking forward to tons more on our new house, I say it's probably best not to get into a project you don't feel sure about being able to handle.

    I made your cake mix cookies today and they're awesome! I had never heard of them so thanks for the idea in addition to the recipe!


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