Saturday, August 16, 2008

"Back Again"

First off, I must give Cory some props. The other day, I was getting ready for bed... walked out into the living room and realized that I'd left the bathroom light on. Come to find out, I actually DID turn it off... or at least try to. The switch went bad! (OI VEY) Cory, being the wonderful guy that he is... fixed it! It's a really nice sturdy new switch... and now I don't have to turn the switch on the fuse box - which turns off the kitchen lights too!! (THANKS CORY!!!)

Speaking of the kitchen. I had to make cookies for dessert last night. As some of you may recall from previous posts, I volunteer at The Scarlet Cord. It's a "Teen Center"... and we periodically get bands in to play back in the theatre. (Our website is being run by a highschool kid--and he isn't really keeping up with things-so excuse the Blah-ness... but what can ya do?). Anyway--Part of the deal is that we feed the bands. So, I made CAKE COOKIES for dessert. OH, so YUMM-O! If you've never made them... you should! You just take a box of cake mix. I used Devil's Food and Banana this time. Ignore the box directions. Instead, mix 1/3 C. oil, 2 eggs and the cake mix all together just with a spoon. (Preheat oven to 375 deg.). Then just drop on an ungreased cookie sheet and press them down a lil (or they'll be puffy)... and cook 6-8 mins (or until you think they're ready). Then let them cool and if you want... you can top them with icing. I used Butter Cream... MMMMM!!! :) They were a big hit at dinner last night. All of that to #1 say... I ate horribly bad! It's hard not to eat cookies and cookie dough!! UGH! and #2... lead into the next portion of the story...

The bands we had last night were Disciple, Neocracy and My Heart to Fear. The last two bands are not signed to any big labels or anything. One is local and one is a bunch of highschool kids (who still need to work on their stage presence). Anyway, Disciple. They are on a national label (Sony). About 10 years ago... they were nobodys. Somehow our booking guy, Erik, came across them... and I believe they were just coming for a love offering. We weren't even paying them any set amount. They had a GREAT turn out from our locals... and so year after year, we've gotten them back. Each year they would get bigger and bigger... I would say that they are one of the well-known names in Christian Alternative Rock these days. If you are any fan of Hard Christian Music... you would probably know exactly who they were. Anyway. We have people drive from other states to see them at The Cord! It's kind of cool. I must admit... I have never been a huge fan of their music. I like some of it.. mostly because its grown on me over the years from hearing them so many times... but I honestly don't buy their CD or anything. The main attraction to me was the singer. LOL. I would always be SO nervous when they would come (and probably act like a total idiot)... and he was totally flirty... so that just made it worse. HAHA. He is now married and his wife is due to have a baby sometime. AND... he's also like... the size of my thigh. And I've lost weight... so that's not all that huge these days. I guess I'm saying that he's not all that attractive to me anymore. LOL... or I just grew up and am out of my band-swooning phase. (You have to understand that I grew up around bands coming the The Cord all of the time... so I constantly had a crush on SOMEONE from a band... ahhh.. how pathetic. But that's the way it was back then). Anyway... I am drawing this out so much---I didn't mean to! Let me get to the stories! Disciple went through a line-up change. One member had to have back surgery... he was the original guitarist... and I think he just felt like it was time to put down the guitar (at least for the band). How awful would it be to not spend your wedding anniversary with your wife at home... EVER? Yeah. So they got some new guys in. Yadda Yadda. So I was a little leary about it. You never know when someone (anyone really) in a band who just kind of WALKED INTO the fame is going to be. I was honestly expecting the new guitarist - who was across the lobby from me as I was getting dinner set up - to be kind of... dare I say... snobby. I am horrible, I know. But I've seen many "band guys" who are too big for their britches. Well, I was getting dinner stuff ready... and my uncle (who runs the sound) yelled over to see if I had my car. This guitarist (Micah--formerly of Falling Up--if you know that band) needed to get to the hardware store. So, I said 'Yeah, sure' and grabbed my keys... honestly, feeling a little weird since I'd never even met this guy. We started walking toward my car... and he was like "Please tell me that is your yellow bug!" (First words other than, "Ready to Go?"). I was like "Yep!"... and then he proceeds to freak out. FREAK OUT. Like a kid in a candy store. All the way to the car... while we were in the car... it was like he could not get enough of the car. He was laughing and touching things and it was actually hard for me not to laugh! I have never seen quite a reaction to my car like that! LOL!! Except maybe from my 2 yr old nephew. He didn't want to go back to the show... he wanted to keep driving around. It was funny. On the way back... he got kind of serious and was like (out of the blue): "I have a confession to make"... Me: "Ok??"... Micah: "I've been in the habit of staying in my PJ's all day."... Me: "Oh? Um... I couldn't tell those were your PJ's" (?!WHAT!?)... Micah: "Yeah, well, I'll change before the show".... ME: TOTALLY PUZZLED. LOL! Anyway............. after getting back and doing more prep stuff, CORY CAME!!! We got dinner all set out and everyone came through and ate... and it was nice to get to move off to a side table to talk to Cory since I hadn't seen him since Tuesday! (He has a sore throat and doesn't feel good) Later, people started pouring in and we were at the Ticket Table taking money and stamping hands... and my uncle volunteered me to help at the Disciple merch table. I must admit... I thought it was only going to be for a few mins while the girl (drummers wife, Amber) went to do something. I ended up being there the whole night. It wasn't a biggie... except I left poor, sick Cory there at the Ticket Table! He ended up going home before the show was even close to being over... which was probably good for him to get some rest. But I felt bad that I unintentionally ditched him.

Some things I observed at the show (when not day dreaming about getting married in the theatre...hehe?):

1. They played A LOT of songs. I was standing on cement the whole time behind the table. My legs and feet are killing me. It was never ending. Seriously. Not till like 11PM. And I was there even later helping to clean up. (*yawn*)
2. Head Banging. What is the point of this? Why do people feel it is necessary to fling their heads back and forth - only to later be subjected to a horrible headache!? Are there not other ways to "jam"? (It's really weird watching girls head bang... so... not-feminine).
3. There is a 6" rule at The Cord between guys/girls. It's just inappropriate for people to be draping themselves on each other. I was behind the table... and couldn't really do much about... the 13 year olds who were wrapped in each other's arms (probably following the lead of a couple of 17 yrs olds next to them). I'm sorry... slow songs at this concert..? Non-Existent... EXCEPT for the praise and worship that would occassionally follow a song. When the singer is singing about "YOUR LOVE" or any other mushy-sounding verse... he's talking about GOD people. Not your little girlfriend who you can't seem to pry your hands off of. Kind of weirded me out.
4. 80's dancing. There is this chick that comes to shows. She pretty much STALKS the band. Hangs around them... gets her picture with them... (then develops the film and GIVES them the pics the next time she sees them). She makes scrapbooks about them. Tells them stories about people they probably don't know. Leaves her husband at home (2 hrs away) on HIS BIRTHDAY to come stalk. The singer got cornered and was forced to sit in a chair where I'm surprised he could breathe because she was RIGHT in his face. AH! She is stuck in the 80's. I toyed with the idea before... because she always had 80's hair... but after last night... I'm convinced. She was dancing like she was at a highschool dance... IN THE 80's. I can't even think of a good movie to compare it to... because a lot of the cheesie 80's movies (pretty in pink, footloose, etc) that involve some sort of dancing... are classics. It just wouldn't be fair to compare. It was, however, quite entertaining.... and yes, I know... I am horribly mean.
5. Did you know that cigarette lighters are SO not the thing to hold up during a concert anymore? Nope. The new thing... CELL PHONES. I look out into the crowd... and see a plethora of cell phone lights creating a hazy glow. Fascinating that so many people... (KIDS)... have cell phones.
6. People still "lick and stick" to transfer someone's stamp onto their own hand so they don't have to pay to get in. They think we don't see it. But we do. What they don't realize is that its a DONATION to get in. By law, we cannot charge people to attend because we are non-profit. BUT, we have suggested donations and hope that people will pay to help off-set the costs of having the concerts. There are plenty of people who get in free or don't pay full price (Like our regular "cordies" who come EVERY week just to hang out). These sneaky sneakers who think they are sneaking... really aren't fooling us... and honestly, we just want them there to hear the positive music and message.
7. Disciple impressed me more this time than any other time I have heard them. Not because they sounded SO GREAT or anything... but they looked like they were having fun. They interacted with the crowd... they prayed from the stage... and at the end of every show... the singer tells everyone to give God a hand... and people clap like crazy... and he points toward the heavens. I appreciate that. This time, he brought his bible out and the rest of the band left the stage... and he stood there and talked to us. As he was talking about God and sin, etc... he was REAL about it. Not like some holy-roller trying to count the number of people he "got into heaven". He really wanted these kids to hear what he was saying. Before he even made an invitation... there were kids putting their hands in the air to accept Jesus. I saw hands shoot up left and right... I was amazed at the reaction. And at the end, everyone held hands and said outloud a prayer. I was touched and grateful for this singers faithfulness that it's OK to speak out. He is in a position of admiration by these kids... and he has been given that as an opportunity to share Christ. He did that... and it truly was amazing. You should check these guys out.
8. Last but not least---concerts make me tired.

Have a great weekend! (Sorry for my rambling and randomness of this post!) LOL!!

ps--if you know Disciple--you get my drift of my title! :)


  1. I'm almost kind of jealous about how much contact you get with all these great bands! I'm a total music junkie and I LOVE concerts and live music. Disciple is a big favorite in our house with my hubby. We've seen them in concert twice in the last 2 years. I also was very impressed with how he interacts with the kids and keeps their attention riveted as he ministers to them. What a gift and blessing.

    And that is too funny about the guitarist and your yellow bug! But I can kind of understand his fascination. You see, it's one of my dreams to own a Bug one day and I would have been all gagga over it too, lol : )

  2. I am so going to make those cake cookies! I have never heard of them before, but what a great idea! Thanks!


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