Sunday, August 24, 2008

Children of the Corn...


Yesterday we got together in the afternoon for my sister's birthday. Although her birthday is today... it just worked out better to have a cook out last night.

As we were preparing for dinner... shucking the corn, Katy's kids were thrilled when I announced that we'd found some "Baby Corn"! I think we found like 7 or 8 total. LOL! This is them holding the "babies"... They carried them around most of the afternoon!

And... this is a pic of the kids helping Cory get the corn ready to throw on the grill.

You can read more at my sis's blog.

**We were supposed to go look at that house again today with our parents, but I guess the lady is showing the house to someone else tomorrow and instead of her making two trips (she doesn't live in that town)... we just agreed to go tomorrow. We're going to see if there may be ANY possible way that we could get this house. I am sooo keeping my fingers crossed. We've been browsing the internet, looking at others... but when we find something... it turns out pictures are deceiving! Cory or his parents will take the time to drive past the places to check them out... and they are NOT what they look like in the pics. (One place... his dad thought he saw some type of animal scurry through--apparently he'd gotten out to take a closer look). Sooo.. that's a little discouraging. AND... I don't think I mentioned before... but the neighbor at the house we like... ummm.. yeah, works with Cory. How weird is that? He just found that out... which is good because she knows some about the house and property. A little insider information doesn't hurt! So, I guess I'll let you know the final consensus tomorrow night (if I'm up to it)! There is a house that is For Sale By Owner that might be worth checking out... assuming the price might not be too bad... guess we'll see!**

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  1. got some great pics of the kids Devon!!! Thank you!!! :)
    I had a really nice birthday! Thanks so much for everything!!!


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