Thursday, August 21, 2008

The best thing...

...about owning a volkswagen beetle:

Watching someone punch the crap out of another person's arm yelling, 'PUNCHBUG!!' (Adults included)! HAHAHA!

On a more serious note... Cory and I went to look at a big old Victorian Brick House the other day... not far from his work and at a decent price(with a decent yard!). I absolutely LOVED it! It has soooo much character and potential. I can't even describe how excited I am about this house! The only downside is the heating bill is HORRENDOUS! Oil Hot Water Heat (radiators, people!). It's almost $400 a month ALL YEAR(if not more)! YIKES! We could afford this if I worked. Which, I plan on working up until we decide to have a family. Then... my role is MOMMY. I wouldn't mind having a home based business with supplemental income... but I need some help here! Does anyone have A.) alternative heating plans besides oil heat that could save us some moola... or B.) home based business ideas that won't go down the drain?? I like to think I'm a rather creative person... but I just can't think of what I could do at home that would generate a few hundred dollars a month! PLEASE, any ideas or thoughts are WELCOME! I wasn't all that excited to move away from my hometown. I actually had major stress and anxiety about it.... but since we saw this house... I have felt amazing peace. I don't want to miss this opportunity! And of course, I don't want it all to fall onto Cory's shoulders. I am starting to stress again...
So, Please!!!


  1. One thing chris and I are planning on getting is a heated ceiling fan!!! seriously!!! It's suppose to not use much electric and helps heat your home!!!!

  2. What a great idea Katy! I need to look into that!

    As for the working from home thing...I honestly don't know what you could do from home that actually works, because I've tried most of it unsuccessfully. If you like digital scrapbooking, those designers sell their kits and make supplemental income doing it (it's actually not as difficult as it sounds if you like learning and scrapbooking.)

    Then there's the option of working one day a week cleaning houses. I have a friend who had to make an extra $500 a month and refused to leave her son at home, so on a day her husband was home from work (like a Saturday,) she would have her clients lined up that day and she charged $25 an hour. She never cleaned houses before that, she just learned as she went, and she ended up being the one who cleans our church building, and that's enough now for her to not have any other clients. So she just works on Sunday afternoons.

    Another option is to find something with a smaller payment, or possibly trying to offer a lower amount on the house you want?

    I know that if I could go back in time and change our bills that we have to pay every month, I would do everything in my power to not have to worry about being a stay-at-home mommy! But then again, I usually learn the hard way :)


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