Monday, July 2, 2012

Pool Time!!

We don't have access to a pool nearby.... unless we wanted to pay to go to the community pool.  But let's just face it... I know kids pee in those pools and... well... I just can't bring myself to take Eloise there.  Not to mention - I'm not sure my suit really fits me these days.  However, we DO have a kiddie pool for Eloise.  We only got it out once or twice last year... so yesterday we decided to get it out and see how she liked it at this stage in her life. 

Splashing was the highlight!

It took her a little bit to realize she should sit down!

I'd say it was a success!! 
 Looks like we'll be pulling out the pool again another hot day!! 


  1. It looks like she really loved it! :) I really think you guys would love swimming in with everyone over at our neighbor's sometime! :)

    Miss you guys! Madelyn does have strep throat..but she will be good as gold (and not contagious) in 48 hrs! :)

  2. The last picture with El resting against the pool with her arms on it is so cute. I loved it when my daughter was that age and she would get into her little pool and our golden retriever would join her. According to the weather in our area, you should just leave it up and enjoy it, for it will be hot all week!



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