Friday, July 20, 2012

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This...

Today was one of "those days".  

Eloise was wound up from the get-go... and trying my patience around every turn!

If she wasn't bolting up the steps (she's fast going up - but not so good coming down yet)... she was attempting to go up and not heeding my wishes that she come down from the landing.

She threw a royal fit at breakfast time and didn't want to eat because I told her we had to wait to read a couple of books she was toting around. 

After pretty much spoon feeding her just to get her to eat, I cleaned her up and got her out of her seat.  Not realizing that the tray to her high chair wasn't latched all of the way, I leaned on it a little too hard and sent a ton of grapes plummeting to the floor.  As I was cleaning that up before two little feet ran through and squished them all... all of a sudden the vacuum turned on!!  It about scared the pants off of me... until I realized that I had not unplugged the vacuum because the phone rang and I hadn't had a chance to run it yet.  Little fingers had found the ON switch.

After breakfast, as I was attempting to do the dishes, I was on the phone with my mom... and Eloise proceeded to raid the cupboards.  Though she didn't successfully pull out any pots and pans or glass casserole dishes, she went from one cupboard to the other (over and over) as I asked her to close each door.  And when I refused to let her into the cupboards anymore, she pulled out the drawers and reached in, blindly I might add - since she obviously isn't tall enough to see into the drawers - and tried to grab out whatever silverware touched her finger tips.  As I told her NO to THAT and held the drawer closed (with wet/soapy water dripping from my hands)... she proceeded to squeal in protest.  I tried to ignore her so that she would get the picture that I wasn't amused... however, instead... she decided to squeal every time I tried to get a word into the phone as I continued my (distracted) phone conversation with my mom.  I am not kidding when I say that the girl stopped and started on a dime with her squeals as she waited for me to open my mouth and speak into the phone!

(Throw in some more step climbing attempts... more attempts at getting into the cupboards... among other things!)

At one point I had to take her with me into the bathroom.  We have one bathroom and it's upstairs... so the convenience of running to the bathroom - is more of a hassle.  I end up taking El with me pretty much 98% of the time.  Since our house is small - we have to keep the cat box and food in the bathroom.  Luckily, there's enough room there for that, at least!  You can imagine what happened while I was trying to use the facilities.  NO, she didn't get into the litter box - PHEW!  But she did get into the cat food and start throwing pieces around the bathroom.  

Why!?  Why!?  
You'd think I didn't punish the girl for all of the trouble she was continuously getting into. 
But I did... believe me!
She just kept testing me!

Every time her diaper needed changed, I got a "NO!"

Lunch was fairly productive, thank goodness.  However, afterward it was nap time.  I am not ashamed to say that I was looking forward to it!  I put El up in her crib... and she gave me no hassle.  Then I got some motivation together to throw some laundry into the washer.  I did an express load with the intentions of waiting until it was done before I tried to nap myself.  I had the news on to see what was going on with the horrific shooting in Aurora, CO (prayers go out to those victims and their families!  So sad.)... and I also read a bit in my current fiction book.

50 minutes into El's nap.. she wakes up screaming!
Of course, I was alarmed, so I bolted up the steps and into her room where she was crying and shaking.  I did the mommy thing - trying to calm her down and be a comfort.  She was in an odd mix of wanting me... but fighting me at the same time.  I am assuming she had a "night terror" - which she has suffered from before (?).  I don't know for sure.  But we grabbed Minnie #1 and Minnie #2 (she always sleeps with both)... and went down to the rocking chair in the living room.  We rocked for about 5 minutes... and then her tummy gurgled (maybe that's why she was crying?  Upset tummy?)... and then I distinctly felt her diaper filling.  I wrestled with the idea of changing it.  It was a bit stinky... but her eyelids were heavy and I was afraid of breaking the "spell" and her getting upset again.  I gambled and decided not to change it right away.  I was just hoping it wasn't going to be too messy later. 

We rocked and rocked... for about half an hour.  She kept her eyes open the whole time, though her eyes were so tired and she yawned often.  I looked over at her face at one point and she smiled at me and gave me a little wink.  I know it wasn't an intentional wink - but it melted my heart none-the-less.  And I sat there trying not to cry (since crying makes me gag and puke these days)... and just thanked God that even though we were having one of "those days"... we could rest a bit and I was able to hold my busy girl in my arms.  That doesn't happen too often these days.  I admit that it was bittersweet.  

All of a sudden... *gag* *gag* *gag*... you may remember me telling you about my cat that has been puking for months (?).  It has not been pleasant.  And of course, there she was on the steps (at least it wasn't on the carpet!)... she heaved a few times and then... well... up it came.  And wouldn't you know, Eloise bolted upright, raised her eyebrows, looked at me and said, "PUKE"

**sweet snuggling moment - ruined**

Apparently "puke" has become a commonplace word in our house (thank you weezy cat)... considering our 17 month old says it loud and clear.  Not only does she say it... she says it correctly.  It's not "Pook"... it is "Puke."

So, there you have it.  

Of course there were other "trying" moments the rest of the day...
(and her "messy" diaper wasn't even messy after all!)
and funny moments too as Eloise told Cory about the cat puking.  
No kidding... she said "Puke. Weez puke. Puke. Puke." 
At the dinner table no less.

But - through it all... I am thankful to have the good days and the "bad" to share with each other... 
just me and Eloise!
(...and that little baby in my tummy that's been kicking up a storm!)


  1. I miss "those days"!! My children are all in school now and too big to sit on my lap...even though my little man still likes to 'squeeze' up there every now and again!!
    Cherish these moments...good and bad, because they pass so quickly. What today brings you tears, will some day make you smile!!

  2. I must admit to laughing out loud when I got to the part of El's telling you, "Puke!"!! What a day you two had! Thank God, He only gives us one day at a time to deal with!! And He has them all in His hands!!!!

  3. Devon,
    Please excuse me for laughing. When you are not the one going through it, you can laugh. I am going to send this to Jon so he will know what is coming. Noah is now walking, climbing, running and never still. I was visiting with them on Saturday via I-Pad and Noah took his mother's hand and Jon followed them through the house and he went to a door. I asked where that led and they said to the outside. He was wanting to go to the park next door. I agree that you have to be so thankful that they can be full of energy and normal. I have been following two beautiful little girls with brain tumors and it is awful what they and their families have been facing.
    Love ya!


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