Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"Farther Along"

This song has been playing constantly around here... 
the house... the car... I just can't seem to get enough!  
Wanted to share!

Josh Garrels is amazing!  
I hope to see him again live one day... if he ever comes to PA!

PS--Eloise turned 18 months yesterday!  Where does the time go!?


  1. I love this song too...although I listen to the West ladies sing it (Homestead Blessings). His version sounds great too though! He has a unique voice!

  2. Happy 18 months El. Nen I am so sorry to read your Gram passed. I have over time read your blog & your sisters sharing your gram from time to time. I will have to listen to this song. I have been listening to a lot of songs looking for some meaning in the words & a message of comfort. My 17 year old son was killed in an auto accident recently. Blessings!


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