Thursday, June 28, 2012

Making Decisions

I always feel like I have to apologize for my absence in blog posting.  But the truth is... sometimes it's nice to take a break!  Life happens and sitting down to THINK and type things out on the computer isn't always on my agenda!  But today, I thought I'd give it a whirl!

I am 13 wks pregnant.  If I didn't have that little widget on my sidebar to the right - I wouldn't be able to keep track!  Along with heartburn, exhaustion and nausea... I have been battling the dreaded throwing up.  I was hoping to avoid it... as I did while pregnant with Eloise... but as it turns out, crying makes me throw up.  And, as you can imagine, with the passing of my grandma... I have done a bit of crying.  Also, I think I may have mentioned a little in my last post about our decision of whether or not to add on to our little house. 

It has been one nightmare after another.  We had everything set to add on to the right side.  2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and a laundry room.  We decided to cut down a giant pine tree right behind our house before construction started.  We had already had 3 contractors come out to bid the job and we were just waiting on getting all of the numbers back.  So, we called in a tree guy to have the tree cut.  While there, he noticed that the one tree to the right of our driveway was a safety hazard.  It literally crackled in the wind because it was just dead.  He advised that it be cut down and said he could do it while he was there.  We were all for it, not wanting a dead tree to fall on our car(s) or eventually our addition!

A few days later, our 83 yr old neighbor came over (she isn't home often because she lives 3 out of 4 weeks at her boyfriends house).  The first words out of her mouth when my husband went to the door, "You cut my tree down."  Not, "Hi!" or "I noticed you were having trees cut."  It was just flat out... and then she asked, "Are you going to cut down any of my other trees?".  I honestly was eaves dropping a little and probably rolling my eyes a bit too.  We thought the tree was on our property.  And she admitted that she knew it was dead but didn't want to spend the money to cut it down.  So we actually saved her the money of either having to cut it or pay for any damages it may have caused if ever it fell!  Anyway... Cory handled things and she demanded a property survey if we were going to add on.  (UGH!)  But, we figured we probably should have it done... so we had some people come in.  We thought we knew where the posts/lines were from a previous survey.  Turns out, THAT guy had it WRONG!  So, not only did we find out that the trees on the side of our driveway aren't ours, we found out that our chicken coop wasn't even on our property!!  (Hence, we got rid of the chickens, which we were planning to do anyway - but just sped the process up).  *sigh*  From there... the nightmare continued.  We couldn't build an addition on the side because of code/variances about how close you can build to another person's property line (Now that we didn't own as far over as we thought we did!).  So, we tossed around the idea of adding on to the rear of our house.  We had drawings done, talked to the contractors again... and we are still waiting on bids.... but there are so many issues with building on the back.  Cory and I just can't seem to feel settled with the designs or the amount of money we would expect to spend.  It's a huge decision.

So, all of that to say... I've been emotional lately... which adds to my pregnancy symptoms!  It has not been fun!  We are looking at possibly buying another house... but that brings up the issue of leaving the only little house that Eloise has known.  The memories of her running around the corner to greet Daddy at the door... or sitting at the bottom of the steps and swinging her legs.  I know they are memories and they will keep - and we would make new memories wherever we go - but sometimes the idea of letting go is rough.

Please keep us in your prayers as we try to decide what is best for our family.  We know that God provides... and we are thankful to have a roof over our heads!  It's just deciding which roof is best that we need to feel at peace about!

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  1. Praying for peace in your hearts as you make a transition that will be hard on you either way.

    I really know the extra hormones and the devastation you've gone through recently with your loss make it really difficult to be peaceful in this process. I pray the lord put his hand over you guys in protection and to just move ya'll towards his will for your family.

    I've been kind of a wreck lately with family issues, sickness, Philip working out of state while our septic system is broken and we cannot afford to fix it. So I haven't been using any water for 2 weeks. Sometimes I complain and get down on myself, and I remember how this humble home is a mansion considered to what some dwell in, and just to even have running water is something many, many families don't even have access to around the world. God has humbled me lately, but my heart needed it. It's just hard to take when your hormonal! ;)


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