Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter! - and - A Project for Me!

I hope you all had a nice Easter!

Eloise is enjoying playing with her new Noah's Ark.

The old Sunday School song "Arky Arky" has become one of her favorites,
so it was only natural for us to want to feed into that by getting her an ark and some animals of her own!

Saturday we went to my sisters for a brief visit...
and Eloise enjoyed a little egg hunt!

She was proud of herself for putting eggs in the basket!

And oh-so-excited to see my sister's goats!

Love this one.

Unfortunately, Eloise has caught a bit of a cold (or something)...
so she didn't make it to church.
I know that some people would take their kids regardless...
but the way we see it, if we take Eloise... we knowingly spread her
germs to others. I get annoyed with parents who bring
their sick, snotting kids to church to share the germs...
so we just decide to keep Eloise home.
(Is that horrible of me? I just want a healthy kid!)

So, before I left for the service... we got a couple of bunny pics!

Eloise in her PJ's... me in my church clothes...
and Eloise in total control of her bunny ears!

Somehow we mixed up our Easter meal plans with
Cory's folks. We thought they were coming to our house
for dinner and they thought we were coming to their
house for lunch!

So, once we figured that all out, we scrambled into
the car and headed over to their house for a mid afternoon meal.
It was a nice, relaxed time!

And after opening a few presents from Grammie and Pappy,
we attempted a family photo...


I was a little bummed that I didn't get many good pictures...
but I had to remind myself that after all, Easter to us is about our Risen Lord!
We celebrate family and it's nice to have the pictures as a reminder...
but most of all, we celebrate HIM!
No pictures needed!

On a last little note...
Someone so graciously gave me a big bag of
odds and ends fabric awhile ago.

I picked up a pattern the other day to whip up a little something for myself.

You didn't think I was going to tell you what it's going to be, did you?
You'll just have to wait and see!


  1. I am the SAME way with nursery.
    Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one, so I'm glad even though youre states away you're with me!

    That girl is so cute! Ya'll always look so happy, so fulfilled!

  2. Cute pictures of El.; love her Easter dress.


  3. Loved all your Easter pictures. I am sorry that Eloise was sick but I agree with you keeping kids at home when they are sick. Where did the bunny find Noah's Ark? Our Noah's room is done in the Noah's Ark theme.
    Love ya!


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