Thursday, April 26, 2012

Eloise Meets Nickel!!

Last month, my parents had to say goodbye to their very loyal companion, Penny.  
She was 10 years old and had some health issues that couldn't be resolved.
To say that they were heartbroken would be an understatement.

Penny was, especially, my dad's buddy.

She did all sorts of tricks, she loved running alongside his tilt bed
out at the junk yard, she rode in his wrecker with her
head hanging out the window.  He would take her places with
him that I would never dream of taking my dog... like... the bank!
They were together EVERY day.
She lived at his garage and LOVED there.

I am not joking when I say that people would stop in just to see Penny!

My parents have this candy/soda vending machine in the waiting area.
It has a little coin candy dispenser on the one side.  Instead of filling it with
candy or gumballs, my parents filled it with dog food!  People would
literally pay 25 cents just to feed food to the dog!!
I am talking - my parents had to refill that thing all of the time!

I think you can see the trend in how Penny meant so much to 
not only my parents, but other folks as well.

Before they put her down... they had a get-together with some of "the guys"
who come in to the garage.  Then they took her to the junk yard
and let her run around the field one more time.
(Sheesh--this post is making me cry!)

Anyway--After Penny was gone, my mom started on a puppy search.
They knew they didn't want to go without a pup, even if it wasn't
their beloved Penny.

My mom finally located someone who had a litter ready last weekend.

So... Meet Nickel!

(You know, if you have a Penny... surely you have to have a Nickel too!)

She is a rambunctious little bugger!
And sooo small!

Eloise had never met a puppy before, so we were excited to see the reaction.
If you feel so inclined, you can watch this video.
(Just don't mind my Disney-Snow-White-voice!  Haha!)

There is this little Postal Truck (foot-powered) for the kids at 
the garage... and Eloise thought it was pretty cool.

Apparently Nickel did too!

After the excitement of the puppy wore off, El was absolutely obsessed with this phone.
I'm talking... OBSESSED!!


Already, Nickel is attached to my dad like glue... 
I think she's going to fit right in!
It will be fun to watch her grow up with Eloise and my sister's children!

PS: Nickel has already been to the bank!  First of many trips, I'm sure!


  1. Cute, Cute, Cute (the post, the pics AND the video!) Wish I would have gotten there in time to see Eloise's reaction to Nickel...but a video is the next best thing! :)

  2. I grew up with labs, and I don't think there's much cuter to my heart than a black lab puppy! Adorable!!! I'm sorry about your parent's Penny though. I know that had to be and probably still is hard!!

  3. Cute puppy. My golden will be seven in July; he & I are currently the same age...him in dog years and me, well, you know. I have never been through "putting a dog down" and, if and when the time comes, I think (I know) it will be very difficult.

    It is hard to believe just how attached you get to your pets and how much they are a part of your family. Eloise will have many happy memories with Nickel.


  4. Nickle is so cute. She will bring lots of fun to El X Mady & jaxs while growing up playing together. I got a puppy recently to & my Topaz looks near the same age as Nockle. Topaz is now 8 weeks. I read on Katys blog you are expecting. Congrats! I am happy for you. I was thinking awhile back El needs a baby bro or sis. Blessings!


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