Monday, April 2, 2012

Sticker Baby!

I decided to let Eloise decorate some cards to send out for Easter to friends and family.
Nothing elaborate... obviously, since she is only 14 months old!

Eloise absolutely LOVES stickers and crayons... wonder why? hee hee
I thought it would be something fun to do... and a break from the normal routine.

(Which is now snapping baby Jenna, baby Julia or Minnie in the car seat ten trillion times a day!
And then clapping extensively! Then getting upset when she can't unbuckle it and has to wait for Mommy or Daddy to help... it's rough being a kid!)


When we were at Walmart the other day...
I looked high and low for stickers.
Easter stickers, of course.
I. could. not. find. any.

Ok, there were some little egg stickers...
but they weren't really what I wanted.
Surely, in the loads and loads of Easter crap they sell
in the aisles, there would be a selection of stickers!?

And we don't live in a place with tons of craft stores...
which is why Walmart is pretty much the place to go.

It wasn't until we were ready to check out that
I just happened to scan the greeting cards and
found that they had TWO options.
Neither of which I was overly thrilled about...
but Snoopy won out for lack of anything else to choose from.
I guess Snoopy isn't so bad.


If I were more prepared, I suppose I could've made my own
stickers with my sticker maker thingies...
BUT... oh well - maybe next year!

Either way it went down... Eloise had some fun!!

She tried eating the stickers a couple of times...
but decided it was more fun to stick them on paper!

Of course, I forgot to take a picture of any of the finished cards...
but this smile makes that not matter to me one little bit...

Do you (or did you) do any kind of crafty projects with your kid(s) for the Holiday?


  1. You know what that strapping baby in and out makes me think little Eloise will be good at?
    Haha, you know what I'm going to say!
    One day she'll make a very helpful big sister!

    El reminds me so much of Adeline at that age.
    Seeing the things she does reminds me of a girl brain and the way girls work, because believe it or not boys are SO different.
    El and Addie were definitely a lot alike at comparable stages.

    We've been reading Easter stories, watching Easter veggie tales, and coloring and stickering Easter over here too! :) Fun holiday!

  2. Too cute! Love that smile.


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