Thursday, April 19, 2012

I'm-a Pos-ta Pet-Peeve Right-ere!

I just have to say:

I find it highly annoying when a Seller on Etsy
so desperately wants your Positive Feedback as a Buyer
(even to the point of adding a plea for positive feedback to their item description)...
but fails to leave any feedback as a Seller to your account!!

In most cases, where Etsy is concerned, you pretty much pay as you shop,
so I can't imagine that many Sellers would have reason to
leave Negative Feedback... but that's not the point!

Building up Positive Feedback is nice as a Buyer... just as the Seller would like to have Positive Feedback to show that they create quality products, have reasonable prices & shipping, and are pleasant to buy from!

I don't buy from Etsy all that often, I admit.
I don't usually have money to just toss around - though it would be nice!
However, when a Seller doesn't leave me Positive Feedback
(especially after I've already left it for them)
You can bet I am 99.9% sure I'm not going to buy from that
Etsy Shop again.

I just think it's a two-way street!

Just something to think about if you Buy or Sell on Etsy.

Am I a total whacko in thinking this??

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