Thursday, January 26, 2012

Total Heart Break....

I am writing this to ask for your urgent prayers.

Some family friends of ours have been trying for
20 years to have or adopt a child.
They are in their late 30's or so.

All of this time there have been issues that I wouldn't
even know enough about to get into.
Some health things... and other odds and ends.

Finally, out of the blue, in November of this past year...
they got a call that a birth mother had chosen their profile
and wanted to meet with them.

They met with her a number of times -
and she asked them to be in the hospital for the delivery.

Things were looking good.

On January 19th, they got the call that the mom was headed to the hospital.
Wouldn't you know, the weather was wretched!
It was a 2 hour drive for them on a good day...
so it took even longer and they unfortunately didn't make it for the birth.

HOWEVER, it was a GIRL!
And a few days later, they were able to go home...
Mommy, Daddy and Daughter.

As you can imagine, everyone has been super ecstatic
and excited for this new little family!
We've been following Facebook updates and pictures....

Until yesterday....

When the birth mother (who by law in PA has 30 days to change her mind)...
...asked for her baby back.




Those words don't even begin to describe how this couple is feeling...
not to mention their friends and family.

I am just sick, thinking of them having to hand the baby over...
the 27th.

If you are a praying person - I ask that you pray for this situation.
God has a plan and, though we don't understand it, His Will Be Done.

As Cory and I have talked about the heartache - I told him that, to me, it's like holding your baby in your arms, knowing that it only has a couple of days to live... and not wanting to put her down... wanting to soak up every precious moment. And when I think of Eloise, I just can't even imagine what they are going through. That little girl may not be their biological daughter... but they love her with all of their hearts. On the flip side, I can't imagine being a birth mom - giving my baby away - so I can understand that the "real" mom wants her baby back. But how absolutely horrible for things to have gotten this far.

Please... send up a prayer for them.
It would mean so much!

Thank you.


  1. So sad for all parties involved, Sent up the Lord's prayer....thy will be done. The party was so nice for your QTpie. Could you please post the recipe for the HEALTY smash baby cake? So glad you girlie is okay, I did pray for her last week. Mel

    PS love your sweet blog.

  2. So much hurt for all involved. Prayer lifted. Bless your heart for caring. Blessings!

  3. My heart is broken and heavy for them...I have been praying and praying...and will continue to.

  4. This is truly heartbreaking. Our neighbors adopted a newborn a few years ago and I know they were on pins and needles for days after the birth praying the bio mother didn't change her mind, which she didn't.

    I will pray for your friend and for the new mother, hopefully she made the right choice, not only for herself but for her daughter.


  5. How horrible! I am an adoptive mom and this just rips my heart apart. That is one reason why we choose international adoption. Just the thought about a birth parent changing their mind was just to hard to handle. I hope this couple can recover from this unthinkable loss. I will be praying for all of them!

  6. Praying for all involved. A heart breaking situation. Thanks for stopping by my blog and Eloise is adorable. :)



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