Monday, January 23, 2012

A Minnie Mouse Party for El!

Sunday, the 22nd was Eloise's Birthday Party!

Seeing as how she loves her Minnie Mouse the best,
I did what I could to make her Minnie Party special.
Not having a huge budget to work with, I am pleased with the results!
And I think everyone enjoyed themselves... Eloise especially!!

Though our house is small and most people had
to migrate to the living room to eat,
I still decorated the table!!

We had "picnic" type foods... burgers, dogs, mac salad,
deviled eggs... and well, you can see for yourself!

I made homemade cake (chocolate ears/bow and a yellow face)...
I also made Minnie Oreo cookies... which are hard to see
in the picture... but they were cute!

Eloise wore this adorable Minnie Skirt that I bought off of Etsy.
(Yes, I could have made my own... but I didn't have time!)
I DID make the Minnie Ears though!
Eloise liked them for a couple minutes... then that was that!!

Eloise opened lots of presents!

She LOVED this gift bag...
and was constantly putting things in it and
carrying it around like a purse!

(Yes, I know.. my face. Haha)

I think her favorite gift, by far... was her Baby!

And she pretty much instantly knew how to "feed" it!!

We sang "Happy Birthday"...

But Eloise didn't get to eat any of the cake!

I know, I know... Boooo Hissssss!
But we are trying as hard as we can to keep
her away from unnecessary sugary treats
and white flour.

So I made her a whole wheat maple syrup carrot cake.
Without any icing!

Her "smash" cake turned out to be more of a "neat" cake...
since Eloise didn't make much of a mess... at all!!

Can't complain about that!

Here is the banner I made!

And also the "Minnie Tree"!

It's hard to see the decorations... but I
made Minnie ornaments, decorated with ribbons
and as the party went on... it accumulated
birthday cards in the branches!

Eloise had fun running around...
there was lots of laughter and chatter from guests...
so I'd say that we had a
Minnie Party Success!!

For more pics... visit my sister's blog post!!


  1. such a cute party!! it looks like it all turned out great!

  2. All your TLC to make it special will be a wonderful memory in the years to come when Eloise looks at all the pictures you have taken. So neat to use the tree. Eloise is so cute. She has already learned to care & love her dolly just as her mommy loves & cares for her. Congrats to you Devon this first year of motherhood. Blessings!

  3. I love it all! Fabulous first birthday party. My daughter would have looooved that!


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