Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday to our Sweetie!

Today marks one whole year since our sweet girl was born.
It has been quite the adventure!

Never did I know you could love someone so much...
Never did I know that one little person could bring so much joy...
Never did I know that in all of the years of "dreaming" of having kids one day,
Eloise would be THAT kid...
I couldn't imagine it any other way!
She is beautiful, bright and amazing in every way!

We truly have been blessed!

Here is a snippet of our day!
Luckily, though swamped at work,
Cory was able to take the day off to spend with us.

Bananas were enjoyed for breakfast this morning!

Eloise is quite the little monkey these days!
If you ask her what a monkey says... she literally makes monkey sounds!
Thank you to daddy for teaching her that!

She also knows what a Sheep and Cow say!

Ok--and just to brag a little.. she can point out all sorts
of things in her books... like car, ball, duck, cat, sheep, dog, Bert...
just to name a few! And when I ask her if she needs her
diaper changed - she will run and get me one!
She also knows her Nose, Toes and Mouth!

And she LOVES to dance!

Eloise got Minnie Slippers for her birthday and she wears them proudly!

She has yet to learn how to carry her baby properly...
(Thanks to Grammie & Pop Pop for the baby doll!)
but she does know how to feed her!

After much play in the morning... Eloise was pooped!
And amazingly, she wanted me to rock her to sleep!
How could I say no to that!?

What a rare treat!

We played blocks for quite awhile...
and opened some presents!!

Ate some cake...

And played some more!!

I am so grateful for every wonderful moment...
because honestly, whether good or"bad"...
(Maybe frustrating is a better word to use)
each moment is one to treasure!

Happy 1st Birthday Eloise!
You were meant for AMAZING THINGS!
We love you!


  1. Happy birthday sweetheart! Such a precious girl!

  2. 1 whole year...she had sooo much fun! How cute is she! Hugs Loretta

  3. Happy 1st Birthday to your sweet little Elois. Blessings!

  4. Happy Birthday, Eloise. I loved your party. Your mom is so talented and had wonderful decorations and food. I enjoyed the pictures on Aunt Katy's blog also. Look forward to watching another year of growing.
    Love ya!


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