Thursday, January 5, 2012

This was our day...

Books, Books and more Books!

Somewhere between the constant zipping around the living
room over the past few months and the love of her stuffed animals,
Eloise has come to love the wonders of Books.

I am honestly amazed that she sits long enough to read
through a whole story...
but she actually brings books TO us!

When she wants to keep reading and a book is finished,
she will shake her head back and forth (like NO NO)
and pat the book for us to read it again.

I have to admit... some books are just dreadful
to read OVER and OVER and OVER...
(That darn Grover's Animal Guessing Game!)

I have some memorized...
and others... we just skip around and make
up our own stories as she looks at the pictures!

And lately... her new fascination is kitty cats.

Or as Eloise likes to say...

Yesterday, we read... and she looked...
and pointed... and then I read some more...
and some more!

It's a good thing I like to read!!
I have a feeling that books are going to
be in style at our house for a LONG while!

Oh hey, and check out my new slippers!

They are wool and keep my feet super-dee-duper warm!
Don't mind my scruffy jeans!
And... they're CUTE!

Have a great day!!


  1. This posted at 3 in the morning! Please tell me you weren't awake at that time!? Yikes! ;)

    I just love this post! It gives me great joy to know my niece has such a wonderful love for books! What a great time to instill the love of God's Word to her! <3 Love you all!

  2. PS ~ I really like your new slippers! :o)

  3. Okay I love all of this for so many reasons!
    I just posted a picture of my cozy boot/shoe/slipper things on my instagram yesterday. So we were on the same foot warming page yesterday, I bet! :)

    Also, I just remember when Adeline started getting into books and loving to read and how much it melted my heart. Keep reading to her! You'll be amazed at how soon she'll start reflecting what she's learning!

    Love those pictures!

  4. I so enjoyed those times of reading to my little ones. Over the years I added more books to the cabinet with the birth of each child. I now have over 100 of those golden books in the cupboard. My oldest started a collection with the birth of his daughter. Eloise is going to have such beautiful memories of time shared with her mom & dad. Blesings!

  5. This is so sweet! When we have little ones I hope to read to them and have them love it like that! She's so cute!

  6. I miss those days! I'm thinking little Miss Eloise needs a collection of the Golden Books by Eloise Wilkins- my favorite author!


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