Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I need a little help....

I have mentioned this before...
a LONG time ago...
so long ago that I don't remember when...
(but I know I've talked about it - even just briefly)

I do the booking for a venue in my hometown.
I used to volunteer there on the weekends, but since moving and having a baby,
Cory and I can't commit to being in there anymore.

I'm a little sad.

I have had fun over the years being a part of the ministry...
and OK... a little starry-eyed at some of the bands who've come through...
AND of course, I've been frustrated many-a-time as well...
but I know that some chapters have to end so that others can begin.

So, our days of volunteering are over...
except when it comes to me handling the booking of the bands.
That's something I can do from my computer at home and
keeps me somewhat in the loop.

Ok--totally guilty again--but I was able to get my
all-time-favoritest-band back in 2009.

Sleeping at Last
Those are the perks of having an "in"!

Here's where I need your help!

We have a couple of great bands coming through in April.
A band called Fever Fever...
and another called Leaving September.

Over the past few years, attendance at our shows
have been sparse. I know when I was a teenager, we had
pretty good turn outs! (Which for us meant 50-100 ppl)
These days... we are sometimes lucky to get FIVE people!!

It's a bit humiliating... but more than that, it's
not really fair to the bands who are there trying to
spread their music, the love of Jesus... and also
make some moola by selling their merch.

That being said...
There is a skeleton crew of volunteers.
No one gets paid to help out... and everyone has "real" jobs
to manage. So it's hard to get help.
Especially when it comes to handing out/hanging up posters.

Here's a sample flyer I've made for a previous show...
Not the BEST flyer--but I think it works.

We post on Facebook... website... and send fliers to churches
with big youth groups.

What else can we do?
I need some fresh ideas here... any thoughts?

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