Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Just the Two of Us

I know I have been MIA from blogging lately... we have been dealing with a case of thrush in this household and it hasn't been pleasant! Despite the creams and medicine (for Eloise)... and the change in diet (for me... sugar-carb-gluten-free)... as well as sanitizing EVERYTHING all of the time... we have had no relief. Actually, I have had no relief. Eloise seems to be doing just fine. My OB and family doc won't prescribe me medicine since I'm breast feeding... but today I am going to see my family doctor anyway to see if there is SOMETHING she can do for me. I am getting desperate!

My doctor's office is an hour away... and we got a bunch of snow last night. I'm thinking the roads are not that great.

Did I mention that this will be MY first time out with Eloise by myself... as well as my first time driving with her?

Oh yeah, and only like my 3rd time driving since my accident in December.

I am having some serious anxiety this morning... it's not even funny.

On top of that... I'm sleep deprived. Breast feeding is not going as well as hoped (which is frustrating and discouraging). I swear my daughter has 10-12 poopy diapers a day! And if I'm not so lucky... she poops WHILE I'm changing her as well! (haha!) AND... my house is a complete mess... and laundry is never ending.

Being a mom is the hardest... yet most rewarding job ever. I am so thankful to have Cory around to help and be so supportive. I know I'd be a basket case without him!

I don't know how you moms of multiples do it! Seriously!

Well, I'm off to finish getting things together for our trip this morning... I am seriously trying NOT to freak out about going. I am on the verge of tears! Anxiety stinks!


  1. Nen, Am so glad the Lord gave you a sunny day to travel! Just keep praying as you go.....be anxious for nothing but in everything....yep, everything.....by prayer and supplication, WITH thanksgiving....make your requests known to God (Who we both know, already knows!)...AND then the peace of God, yep, THAT peace, that surpasses for sure our understanding, will keep your heart and mind in and on Christ!

    You are doing a great job, Mama Nen! A GREAT JOB!!! God's got ya!!

    OH, and before I forget, the answer is "Yes" about the books! I love to read!

    Looking forward to hearing how today's trip goes. Praying for you!!!

  2. By the way.....I just love the feet on the outfit...makes her as cute as a bug!

  3. Another cute outfit! They make such cute things for girls. We drove 1100 from NC to Oklahoma to see our new granddaughter and arrived to a purple mouth and purple on her outfits. I hope you get Eloise over her thrush soon. I am praying for a safe trip for you today. I know everything is stressful for you now, but it IS going go get better. It is going to be Spring and you will be able to get out and that will help your spirits.

  4. Prayers for a safe trip & the thrush to leave. My first baby had thrush. Being a first time mom & on my own I remember how hard it was. I continued to sterilize long after it was gone for fear it would come back. I believe Eloise looks like her mama. Blessings!

  5. I'm praying for some relief and comfort for you. Try to take a warm bath for as long as you can get away to relax. The more anxious you are, the more little Eloise will be.

    and I had to LOL when I read about you getting pooped on. Only because last night in the dark without my glasses on, I was changing Gideon's poopy diaper, and right after I wiped him, I got pooped on, his blanket got pooped on, and my comforter got pooped on.

    Oh poop!

    and that baby is precious!!!


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