Friday, February 25, 2011

One of those days...

Yesterday we took our sweet girl to the pediatrician's office for her Hep B shot. Cory was at work... so I told him that I would swing by and pick him up on the way through.

As I was getting everything ready to throw in the car... I put the baby in her car seat... and, the horrible mother that I am, I accidentally jammed her pinky finger in the one buckle thing.

She screamed bloody murder... and I promptly picked her up to soothe her. We ended up both crying... I felt SO bad!

We go pick up daddy and head to the doc's office... aaaaand... I realize that I forgot to bring a blanket to cover her up with (since they make you strip her to her diaper for the check up). I ended up holding her snug and zipping up my hoodie around her. How could I forget the blanket!?

When the doctor came in, he checked her over and was looking at a spot of diaper rash that she had... and we realized that there was left over pooh in her bum crack... so I felt like a total goober. He ended up wiping her butt! It was a bit embarrassing! Can't I even wipe her bum right!?

But... despite my failures as a mother... Eloise is still a happy baby!!

And she now weighs 9 lbs, 3.6 oz... and is 20" long!


  1. Awwwwe.....parenting is a learning process for sure! Yes, looks like she is a very happy baby!!!

  2. We all have those days as parents, you just learn as you go;)

  3. Mistakes are inevitable! Don't worry, you are doing a wonderful job! xoxo

  4. Eloise is healthy & loved. Thats waht matters. Even after my second who was born 3 weeks early I forgot a bottle to mix the powdered pack of formula in & a spoon & jar of cereal when I took her older brother to a all day soccer game day in another town. So glad there was a store close to the soccer field that day. I hated using unscolded items to feed her. It happens. I remembered next time. Blessings! Lara


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