Wednesday, December 22, 2010

MMmmm MMmm Bagels!

The other day my sister shared a recipe for
homemade bagels on her blog. I didn't think much of it,
other than the fact that eating a bagel sounded
pretty good at the time.

Yesterday, though, I felt the urge to try my
hand at making those bagels.
I always thought it would be a huge pain.


Seriously, there are only a handful of ingredients... and
I used my Kitchen Aid Mixer to mix/knead the dough...
so that totally took most of the work out of it!


After mixing/kneading the ingredients...
most of the time left consists
of letting the dough "rest".

The recipe only makes 8 regular size bagels, but I'm
sure you could make mini bagels
if you really wanted to!

Boiling them for a minute on each side gives them that
nice outer crust that leaves the inside nice and moist!
(I honestly thought this would be the most challenging part... totally wasn't.)

You bake them on one side, then flip and bake the other...
I obviously still need to work on getting my circles right...
but hey, it was my first time!

So, the color didn't turn out as nice as I'd hoped on the
final product... but the taste...

And after a chat with my sister, she confirmed that
by cheating and using cooking spray, instead
of the oil it called for on the baking sheet,
I lost that nice golden brown I was
looking for.

Now I know better!

Did my pictures make you want to try your hand
at homemade bagels?

Wouldn't it be yummy for Christmas Morning?
Make them a day or two ahead...
your family will thank you!!!

(I may try throwing some blueberries into my next batch! YUM!)

Go HERE for the recipe!

Thanks for the recipe Katy... it's a keeper!


  1. Yours definitely look fantastic for your first try!!! :) (Better than my first batch looked!) They are definitely delicious and I hope your readers give it a try, as well! :)

  2. Mmmm, pass the cream cheese please! Those look scrumptious! I've got to say, I think I just might whip some of these up today. I love making anything that gives me an excuse to whip out my kitchen aid :)

  3. Wow those look amazing! I think that my favorite breakfast food is bagels. How fun!
    Have a Merry Christmas Nen!


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