Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I really haven't had anything to post about lately...
so I've just kind of been taking a break from blogging.
Perhaps I'll think of something interesting sometime soon!

I had my 34 week appointment today.
All is well.

I have been having some really bad pelvic
pains (still am) for the past few weeks.
Talk about not being able to walk right or turn
over in bed without excrutiating pain!
(Among other pains!)

The doctor was concerned that maybe
it was from my car accident...
but turns out that the babies head
is down!


And thankfully, my cervix isn't
thinning... so we are just hoping that
the baby stays in this position until delivery!

That's the latest...

I hope you're all geared up for the holiday!
I am just waiting for the day to arrive!

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  1. I had pain turning in bed too. Boo! I can't believe you're 34 weeks already wowww! :)


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