Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Accident... and a Few Nicer Things

I'm still having a hard time after this whole car accident thing. I know it's over and done with... but I have been waking up in the middle of the night with it on my mind. It replays in my head for hours sometimes as I try to get back to sleep.

It wasn't even THAT traumatic.

I mean, seriously... I was at fault... going down a hill and around a sharp curve on snow-slushy roads (I was going a bit too fast, I admit... which was why I tapped my brakes. BAD, BAD MOVE). I fish-tailed and slid... hitting a HUMMER.

Yes, my poor little jetta hit a hummer of all things.

However, it was by the GRACE OF GOD that I only hit her tire!

I'm not even joking!

I hit her tire!

Unfortunately it went FLAT... or else we probably could've both just driven off. (My car has front driver side bumper damage).

God steered me in just the right spot or it could've been a whole lot worse!!

Turns out as well... I sort of know the lady. She works a few doors down from the teen center that we volunteer at. I didn't recognize her at all and she didn't recognize me at first (when she was chewing me out about the whole thing--NOT FUN)... but once Cory got there and was talking to her, she put my name and face together and remembered me... and even mentioned my having the Bug and Camper! She was SUPER nice after that... and even gave me a hug before it was all done with. Needless to say, I was humiliated--knowing that I may run into her again one day.

My mind is stricken with guilt and embarrassment.

And of course, I got a registered letter from the District Court for my lovely fine of $115. I've never gotten one of those before... so that was another hit. (I just hope I don't get too many points on my license, I think it might be 2--according to the internet)

Cory tried to get me to drive to the grocery store today... but I just wasn't ready. Maybe once my car is back on the road....

I can't imagine how people who go through horrific tragedies move on. I mean, my little fender bender has me up at night and afraid to get behind the wheel again. How do people live with themselves in other (more tragic) situations?

I just praise God that my situation was so mild, if not a bit scary at the time!!!

Perhaps my emotional attachment to the situation is hormonal... I have been a lot more weepy lately!!

On a positive note... here are a few pictures I wanted to share!

This is the cutie-pie rug that goes with the crib set we got... I like bees. :)

Here is the crib set... sort of. I know the quilt isn't going to be in the crib like that once Baby gets here... but it works for now, while I'm still getting things together in the room!

My friends, Jillian and Danny, sent us some cute baby gifts!

Along with these, they sent another snow suit thing for next year... and a bee costume for Halloween (I didn't want to take those out of the plastic just for a photo shoot--I figured they'd be safer left alone and packed away until next year)!

And, last but not least... we are going to cloth diaper our little munchkin.

We only got one set from our registry for my baby shower, so we ended up buying the rest of what we needed online the other night (thanks to some $$ we got from some friends and family).

However, my grandpa and his girlfriend (who wasn't able to make it to the shower) sent over a gift... and it turned out to be another set of cloth diapering stuff... and it's too cute!! I had to take a picture of the cover!

Froggy pond! :)

Sorry this post was pretty long... I haven't blogged in a few days since I have been taking it easy!! I hope you're all getting the last of your Christmas presents wrapped up! Only 2 weeks left!


  1. Love that duckie sleeper!
    So exciting seeing everything coming together and knowing a little bitty body will fill it all up soon!

  2. I used those same diapers with Reiley and even had that print! They worked well. We got them as hand-me-downs so I felt like they werent completely waterproof but that was because of the wear from Reileys cousin. Babies need changed soo often that it didn't even really matter. GOOD Luck, can't wait to see your little one!

  3. Dev, I am just so thankful that you and the baby are fine after the accident!!! I also imagine that you are a bit touchier cuz you're carrying a life and responsible for someone other than yourself, which makes a big difference!!

    Looking forward to seeing you alter and giving you some more gifts that folks have dropped off for you and Baby J. By the way, you know I love the bees as well! :O)

  4. don't be so hard on yourself. I was hit by a drunk driver a few years back and still get scared to drive in certain situations. I flinch too still. It is a post traumatic stress thing. It will get better. Just keep praying and be thankful you are all okay. Bella


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