Monday, December 13, 2010

33 Weeks!

Here is a picture from this morning of me at 33 weeks!
Hard to believe it's already almost over!

For some reason...
I have a square belly instead of a round one...
which I find odd!

But hey, I'm not complaining!
As long as everything is healthy and
the baby is growing!

So far, Cory and I aren't freaking out yet.
I am sure it is soon to come though!


The other night, Cory put together
our stroller and car seat!

They are nice and exactly what I was hoping for!

(I've still got to get used to this image! -and please don't mind the mess!)


This is how we watched football yesterday.

Yes, we are THAT weird!

But hey, ya gotta do what ya gotta do!
Cory's team (the Bills) doesn't get broadcasted on our
TV... and well, let's face it... even if they did...
I'd be watching the Steelers anyway!!!

(Cory was even nice enough to wear ear buds attached to the
computer so we could both listen to our own games! haha!)

Both teams won! WOOT!

Happy Monday!!


  1. haha ya'll are so adorable!
    The weirdest thing about belly shape is now in our 3rd trimester baby is so big that the belly starts to morph into strange shapes or lopsided watermelons, haha.

    I love, love that your hubby posed with the stroller and he doesn't look like you forced him to. Every time I've ever tried to get a picture of Philip doing something unnatural he looks so miserable! haha

  2. You look so cute! What a sweet baby bump! It's going to go fast now! Enjoy every minute!


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