Thursday, April 22, 2010


**Warning: This post is a little out of control!**

I am feeling quite maxed out today...

My dog had to go to the vet on Tuesday to get her ear checked out (all is OK)... but we did her yearly exam, shots, etc... and the bill was OUTRAGEOUS. Not to mention that the drive to the vet is like 45 mins one-way. CHA-CHING!

Wednesday, I went out to clean at my dad's garage (an hour drive one-way... plus all of the annoying government construction)... and things were hectic with people and trying to clean and get things done. I just felt kind of crazy yesterday... and I was so glad to come home and relax.

Well, today I had to drive to my hometown AGAIN because my great grandma passed away (it's not really a sad thing because she was 95 and ready to go! We're happy she's up dancing with Jesus!!!).... the memorial service was today. Well, I have already been feeling maxed and wiped out... and on the way there ... I got behind a vintage-antique-whatever automobile that didn't go more than 35 mph. If you've ever been to PA... it's not the flattest of places. So between following this geek and the 2 log trucks and 3 other cars in front of me (but behind him)... it was all I could do to not get road rage and try to pass them all at once while honking my horn uncontrollably!!!! If your car doesn't go more than 35 mph going DOWNHILL... you probably should be pulling it on a trailer... not holding up a line of 20 cars behind you (with construction every 2 miles or so). UGH... Then of course at the service... it wasn't really a sad time... but sometimes I have very little patience for other people's kids. They let them run around and act wild... in a funeral home. Very inappropriate... and I had a hard time not wanting to grab the kid(s) and make them sit down and BE QUIET!! STRESSSSSSSSS! After the service, a bunch of us went to lunch... but I don't really have the money for that. (Stressss!)... The service at the restaurant was horrible (waiting 20 mins for you drink is just unacceptable)... and THEN they wanted to charge me TWO DOLLARS for having a bill under $20 and using my debit card. I think that's illegal... but whatever. I walked outside and across the street to an ATM (which was luckily my own bank so I didn't have to pay a fee) and just came back in and paid with cash. THEN... I drove another 20 miles or so out of my way to check out a store that had something that THE BRIDE (I am such a sucker, I know) was hoping to use for her reception. I pulled into the store and got out of my car and "SMACK! BOOM! CRASH!"... there was an accident only two cars behind me on the road!! I was thrown into panic mode... and rushed out to see what happened. Meanwhile one of the cars was driving out of control (the car wouldn't stop until the lady finally turned off the key) and coming right toward me..... so I moved the heck out of the way and called 911. Have you ever had to make a call to 911?? This was the first time I did... and I still am feeling stressed!!! My arms and legs still feel like jelly! Luckily, though one car was totaled, I think everyone was generally OK. After all of that... I did what I needed to do at the store and headed back home... only to realize that I had left my sewing machine at my mom's from earlier (I had to leave early today to take it to her because she needed to fix something on her pants before the memorial service). CRAP. Not to mention, we have no money left in our budget for the month... I have to drive BACK out there on Saturday because I am volunteering at a Literacy Fair and also at a concert for The Teen Center................ and I am just COMPLETELY maxed out!

All of the driving is making me CRAZY! Plus the lack of money in the budget... BAHHH!

I just need to go to bed already.... Sorry for sounding like a complete complainy-bum!

Also--Cory has been having some confusing medical issues that we are concerned about... so that is factoring into my mental instability of the week!!!! Please keep him in your prayers!


  1. have had a lot on your plate! I knew about most of it...but reading it all on here really shows the busyness of it all!

    I get maxed too when I feel like I am doing too much at once and overwhelmed. You know what I try and do everyday? I read the scriptures...and then I sit. I sit and bask in the peace of God. Sometimes I pray...other times I sit and just silently worship and praise Him.

    His peace can calm your maxed out heart! :) Give it all to Him, thank Him for everything you possibly can, and He will give you peace. :) Take one thing at a time. :)

    Love ya!!! I'll be praying for you!

  2. Frustrating! I think we all have days/weeks like this!
    Deep breath....relax....easier said then done, I know.
    Take care.....

  3. Yep... going 95 mph with our hair on fire... Been there, done that... and sometimes still find my self racing! Sometimes you're just on the brink and then another straw gets placed on the camel's back and it's staggering! Count blessings, think positive, put on calming, upbeat music and make yourself smile. It works! Love you lots! See ya tomorrow!


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