Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Need a Tissue?

I have been enjoying sewing up some little tissue holders lately!

I also tried my hand at a drawstring bag/back pack.
(It looks small, but it fits my shoulders/back quite nicely)
I even included a little pocket for decoration... can you see it?

And my first ever attempt at sewing a zipper! It wasn't as hard as I'd expected!

Have you been working on any projects lately??


  1. Love that back pack! It's adorable.

  2. The wrist-let is gorgeous! I'm in love with that fabric!

  3. Devon! Your sewing has just progressed and improved so much! That is sooo fantastic! I truly want to be able to sew more than a straight line! You should start putting things in your etsy shop! can ask some giveaway bloggers if they will have a giveaway for you...and that will draw people to your etsy shop!!!! :)

  4. That backpack is fantastic! I love the fabric you chose for it as well!
    Great job!

  5. That's so cute!!!! I like the backpack!!


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