Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Quick Fix

So, yesterday I went out to my parents' place of business to clean. On the way, I stopped at my parents' house to say HEY to my mom and nephew (he had a sleepover and was going to be spending the day with us). As I was waiting for my mom to get off the phone (she is always on the phone!) Jaxson and I got to talking about our "boo-boos". We both had one on our fingers... mine, however was newer than his and still looks pretty sore. He said to me, "Why don't you put a band-aid on it?"... I told him that I did but it just wouldn't stay on very well... and he turns to me and says "Oh, you have to take the paper off!" (You know, so the sticky stuff would be exposed... LOL... I thought that was pretty clever for a 4 year old).

Anyway... later on at the garage, my aunt brought my grandma in for lunch. We sat in the break room and ate our sandwiches and eventually my dad decided to relax in his recliner for the rest of lunch break. Us women just sat there and gabbed while he put a pillow over his head and zoned out. After a little bit, my eyes just happened to notice this:

Can you tell what that is??

It is the bottom of his shoe..... with FOUR bolts in it. (????)

Later on when he woke up, I asked why in the world he had bolts in the bottom of his shoe. His reply... "to tap dance"... as he clicked his foot around on the floor. LOL... Then he said that they were to hold his shoes together. Quite the quick fix. I don't know how it doesn't drive him bonkers!

I guess I know what to get him for Father's Day!!

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