Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall Fest 2012

This past weekend was my sister's family's Fall Festival (what a mouth full)
They were blessed to have beautiful weather!  Though the grass was a bit wet in the
morning, which caused a bit of mud, over all you couldn't have asked for a nicer day!

I didn't get a ton of pictures...
My mom and I set up a table and I was pretty much glued to it all day...
Minus the few minutes I got to browse some of the booths, 
use the restroom (hello, pregnant!)
and chase Eloise!

But here were some things from the day! 

I only sold 4 pairs of baby shoes...

But I do have 9 orders that I took... 
(since I didn't have the right fabrics/sizes pre-made).
And I listed a bunch of what I have in my Etsy Shop!

My mom had some funky pottery to sell... I almost wanted to buy something... 
I love her face plates!  Maybe I'll get lucky and get one for Christmas!  haha

My mom was busy making fresh homemade donuts
 (which is why I was stuck at our table most of the day!)... 
and I have to admit, I ate one... and it was DELICIOUS!

Cory spent his time keeping an eye on our ever-busy girl!

Dancing to the dulcimer music!

My parents silly dog, Nickel... what a funny pic!

Eloise loves her "strawberries" - which are actually raspberries!

This picture didn't go too well... 
she wasn't very thrilled not being able to run around for the 
5 seconds we tried to get a picture of her!

My sister's oldest!

Eloise LOVED riding my parents pony, Jasper!

She literally giggled most of the way!

And before I forget... since I already did once...
Eloise turned 20 months old on the 23rd.
I usually try to take a picture of her face and edit it all sweet, if I can.
Well, I totally forgot and this was what I had!

But hey, I captured her in all of her natural goofiness!
I love it!


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